What will a Premier League All-Star weekend look like?

Two weeks ago, the NBA All-Star game took place, with this year’s edition having a slightly different format. Usually a team from the Eastern Conference faces off against their Western Conference counterparts during the mid-season break, but this year team captains LeBron James and Stephen Curry drafted superstars as Team LeBron faced off against Team Stephen. 

All of the US ‘big four’ (NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL) have an All-Star contest. The NFL’s version, the Pro Bowl, takes place a week before the Super Bowl, with the game tended to be given to a city with no NFL franchise. This has most recently been held in Orlando, and Hawaii played host from 1979 to 2015, barring two occasions. This gives fans who don’t often see live football the chance to see some of the game’s best in their hometown. 

With the All-Star games a massive hit in the US, could football ever be tempted to get in on the act? Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku tweeted his support for such an idea, so now there is some player interest, the conversation is at least open for the concept to come to the Premier League. 

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