Sea Of Thieves "Lost Sands" Adventure Live Now

The team-based pirate action of Sea of Thieves has made an excellent revival for Xbox, becoming one of Xbox Game Pass' most popular titles and a massive success for Rare.

The latest update for Sea of Thieves titled the "Lost Sands" has just been released and will see players picking a side and embarking on an adventure until June 9th. Here is all you need to know.

"Lost Sands" Adventure Now Available in Sea of Thieves

A screenshot from the "Lost Sands" adventure trailer for Sea of Thieves
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The brand new adventure takes pirates on a journey where they decide between one of the two available sides and work with their fellow pirates to decide the future of a run-down outpost.

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The first side will see players teaming up with Merrick and venturing to collect the vital supplies needed to restore the stricken Outpost of Golden Sands back to its former glory.

The second side, meanwhile, involves players making allies with the Servant of the Flame to ensure that the outpost remains in ruins forever more.

The fate of Golden Sands is in your hands from now until June 9th so join up with your fellow pirates and battle for the future you wish to see fall upon the Golden Sands outpost.

"Lost Sands" is a free expansion available to all current players of Sea of Thieves and is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S consoles along with Xbox Game Pass. The expansion is also available on PC via Steam or Xbox Game Pass PC with full crossplay between the different versions of the game.

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