Liverpool? West Ham? Wolves? Everton? Who had the best Premier League transfer window?

REUTERS/John Clifton

It's been a strange transfer window.  It never really felt like it got going, perhaps due to the new arrangements. 

Manchester United's business concluded in June with the signing of Lee Grant. Liverpool got their eye-catching deals out of the way early in the window. The Champions, Manchester City, only added one player of note. 

One interesting element to this year's transfer window is that very few teams have lost key players and look in a worse state than last season. There are no cases like such as Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Manchester United, Luis Suarez leaving Liverpool or Gareth Bale leaving Tottenham, with the clubs then scrambling around to re-invest the money, inevitably poorly. 

With most sides at least marginally strengthening, it's a good signifier for the strength of the league, especially with promoted clubs Fulham and Wolves showing such ambition. But, as it was with West Brom and Stoke last season, it should be a warning of the dangers of standing still - so watch out Burnley, Newcastle, and Southampton. 

Read our list to see who has fared the best and worst in this summer's transfer market:

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