Podcast: World Cup 2018 – Day 5 Round-up

With five games down in this year’s World Cup, the Kremlins are back in the basement to summarise all the action.

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In RealSport’s latest World Cup podcast, Football Editor Jon Mackenzie is joined by two other Kremlins in the Basement of RealSport HQ: Alastair Pusinelli and Oli Stein.

This time on Kremlins in the Basement, we look back at the weekend which saw some of the tournament’s brightest teams fail to live up to expectations:

Argentina v Iceland (3:22)

France v Australia (4:36)

Spain v Portugal (6:05)

Germany v Mexico (13:55)

Brazil v Switzerland (22:54)

In addition to this recap, the Kremlins also look ahead to Day 6’s fixtures including:

Colombia v Japan (27:28)

Poland v Senegal (32:43)

Predictions (37:31) 

Russia v Egypt (38:20)