NHL 19 Ratings: Top Left Wings

If your left wing is lacking in star power, set your sights on one of these as they’re the best in NHL 19.

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The most notorious goal-scoring machine tops this list of NHL 19’s best left wings, but is followed by more outstanding players in the league. Rather than being filled with mostly snipers, as is the case for the best right wings in NHL 19, the elite-level left wing corps features many different player roles, so you have plenty of choices to suit your style.

Alex Ovechkin (92 OVR)

Team: Washington Capitals
Role: Left Wing
Age: 32
Nationality: Russian
Height: 191cm
Weight: 106kg
Shoots: Right
Best Stats: Offensive Awareness 96, Hand-Eye 96, Slap Shot Power 95, Slap Shot Accuracy 95, Puck Control 95, Balance 95

Alex Ovechkin is the most notorious goal scorer in the NHL. You can back him to score over 30 goals every season without fail – he’s even eclipsed the 50-goal mark six times. In NHL 19, he’s the best sniper and left wing, but what makes him so great to have at any time in the game is his 94 strength, 91 body checking, and, of course, the 95s for his slap shots. 

Jamie Benn (90 OVR)

Team: Dallas Stars
Role: Power Forward
Age: 29
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 188cm
Weight: 95kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Wrist Shot Accuracy 92, Wrist Shot Power 92, Hand-Eye 92, Offensive Awareness 92, Puck Control 92, Passing 92, Deking 92

Jamie Benn is one of the best all-around, elite-level skaters on the game. His 89 stick checking, 90 strength, 88 body checking, 89 speed, 89 acceleration, 92 in all puck skills, 91 in slap shots, and 92 in wrist shots make Benn one of the most enjoyable players to play as in NHL 19. 

Taylor Hall (90 OVR)

Team: New Jersey Devils
Role: Sniper
Age: 26
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 185cm
Weight: 93kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Speed 95, Acceleration 94, Wrist Shot Accuracy 93, Puck Control 93

Bar the ridiculously overpowered Connor McDavid, Taylor Hall is the fastest player on NHL 19. On the wing, that speed can be put to very good use. Using Hall’s 92 deking, 92 hand-eye, and 93 puck control to get around their right defenseman, you can easily use his immense speed numbers to blaze across the front of the net and poke the puck home. 

Johnny Gaudreau (90 OVR)

Team: Calgary Flames
Role: Sniper
Age: 25
Nationality: American
Height: 175cm
Weight: 71kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Deking 95, Discipline 95, Puck Control 95, Agility 94, Passing 94, Acceleration 94, Hand-Eye 94, Offensive Awareness 94

While Johnny Gaudreau lacks in physicality, it’s his smaller frame that makes him lightning fast and potent in the offensive end. With 94 acceleration, agility and 93 speed, he can beat any defenseman for pace, while his 91 slap shot accuracy and 92 wrist shot accuracy make him a breeze to score with when he’s in on goal. 

Brad Marchand (88 OVR)

Team: Boston Bruins
Role: Two-Way Forward
Age: 30
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 175cm
Weight: 82kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Wrist Shot Accuracy 92, Offensive Awareness 92, Aggressiveness 91, Slap Shot Accuracy 91

Brad Marchand isn’t the biggest player on the ice, but you wouldn’t think it from the way he throws his body around. With 91 aggressiveness, 89 body checking, and 87 strength, Marchand can put anyone down on the ice and then use his 88 speed, 89 deking, and 92 wrist shot accuracy to score after the hit. 

Other top left wings on NHL 19





Best Stats

Artemi Panarin



Columbus Blue Jackets

Deking 94, Hand-Eye 93, Passing 93

Mikko Rantanen



Colorado Avalanche

Slap Shot Power 91, Deking 91, Hand-Eye 91

Jaden Schwartz



St. Louis Blues

Passing 91, Puck Control 91, Agility 90

Filip Forsberg



Nashville Predators

Deking 91, Hand-Eye 91, Puck Control 91

Jonathan Huberdeau



Florida Panthers

Offensive Awareness 91, Deking 90, Passing 90

Max Pacioretty



Vegas Golden Knights

Slap Shot Power 90, Wrist Shot Accuracy 90, Wrist Shot Power 90

Justin Zucker



Minnesota Wild

Offensive Awareness 89, Deking 88, Slap Shot Power 88

Teuvo Teravainen



Carolina Hurricanes

Deking 92, Acceleration 92, Agility 92

Gabriel Landeskog



Colorado Avalanche

Slap Shot Power 89, Strength 89, Balance 89

Sebastian Aho



Carolina Hurricanes

Passing 89, Puck Control 89, Offensive Awareness 89