Manchester City vs Basel: 5 players to rest and 5 to play

(Photo credit: Kinan Casem)

The remainder of Manchester City's season offers selection dilemmas for Pep Guardiola. With key players returning to fitness, the Catalan could have close to his full squad for the final stretch.

Marti Perarnau, who went behind the scenes at Bayern Munich, has written two books that offer excellent insight into how the manager will approach and consider the last couple of months of the season.

After Bayern won the title early in 2014, Guardiola has said he regrets allowing his players to relax and change mentality. He considers the inability to snap back into intensity a reason for their disappointing performances against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals that year.

With the league practically wrapped up, Manchester City will have several matches before the end of the season that have little consequence. It will be interesting how Guardiola approaches such occasions.

After winning comfortably the first leg in Basel, this is the first relatively inconsequential game. They need to finish the job, but can do that whilst resting their most senior players.

Here are five players that need a rest, and five others who could do with the time on the pitch:

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