Gfinity news: UK esports company launches new tech site Stealth Optional to expand its Community Ecosystem

Gfinity plc has launched a technology-focused website called Stealth Optional to further grow the Company’s Community Ecosystem.

The third website in The Gfinity Network, joins and in a growing stable of outlets that currently achieves more than 13 million page views and 46 million social impressions per month.

As a fresh decade of consoles, computers and cloud-based technology brings upheaval and confusion into the lives of gamers, Stealth Optional will cut through the noise and deliver expert advice.

Whether you’re picking between peripherals or venturing into VR, building a PC or ‘souping’ up your sound system, Stealth Optional will be on hand to offer cutting-edge insights.

The team has a strong pedigree, featuring journalists who have written for the likes of Eurogamer, TechRadar and Wired.

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MEAN IN GREEN: If you're serious about gaming, then Stealth is for you

Stealth will be edited by former Den of Geek Games Editor, Rob Leane, who supercharges the Gfinity content team, joining former editors at News UK (The Sun / Dream Team) and the Daily Mail.

"It's a really exciting time to be a gamer, as a huge wave of change is about to crash over us - the next couple of years will change the way we play in massive ways,” said SO's editor, Rob.

“With this expert team of writers that we've assembled, Stealth Optional will usher in the next generation of gaming and answer the questions that you don't even know to ask yet - we can't wait to explore this new frontier with our readers and help make sense of it."

John Clarke, CEO, Gfinity, added: “With next-gen just around the corner, there’s no better time to launch a technology-focused platform.

“Building on the team’s fantastic work in expanding our owned Community, Stealth will grow Gfinity’s share of voice even further – becoming the go-to place for technology news, features and reviews. Game on.”

You can watch the launch trailer right here

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