Cadbury Heroes League - Who are our favourites to take the crown? (Sponsored)

The action will soon kick off in the Cadbury Heroes League, as the family duos face off on the 14 November.

Each family team has completed weeks of practice in preparation of this moment, making sure to follow training regimes to a tee (yes that means playing lots of Street Fighter V Championship Edition)

However, only one team can be crowned winners. So, who do we think is going to take the crown?

Our Favourites

It was, of course, hard to pick one family duo, and each team has a strong chance of taking the top spot.

However, we’ve managed to pick out three teams that we think may pip the competition to the post.

Let’s take a look at these three teams now!

Team Kemp

The Dinky Decker himself, we think Roman Kemp and his mum have a good shot at taking the title.

We know that Roman will have prepared an awe-inspiring training regime for his mum.

Not only this, but his survival skills will be kicking in once again, and he’ll be making sure his mum is ready for anything, including winning the Cadbury Heroes League.

Team Leahviathan

Used to creating content for over 160,000 people on Twitch, Leah and her mum are our second favourites to take the crown

Leah has been streaming her and her mum’s practice sessions, and when we tell you they’re looking to win it and nothing else, we mean it.

We absolutely wouldn’t be surprised to see Leah and her mum winning the Cadbury Heroes League, in fact, they could probably do it in their sleep at this rate.

Team Lopez

Jay-Ann is an undeniable icon in the ever-growing esports world, and is more than equipped to to train her nan to beat the competition.

Having been trained for weeks now by a seasoned gamer and esports expert, Jay-Ann’s nan is up to spec and ready to go for glory.

Following such an impressive training regime, and with her skill now very much apparent, we can’t see many people besting Jay-Ann’s nan.

However, having seen all the competitors in training, it truly is a tricky one to call.

To catch the action live, simply tune in to Cadbury’s Twitch, Facebook or YouTube at 17:00 GMT on Saturday, 14 November!

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