Barcelona: Five teams that went a whole league season unbeaten

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By the 87th minute, Barcelona's hopes were dwindling. They were 2-0 down against Sevilla, on the verge of a first La Liga defeat of the season. For many, the focus had already turned towards the Champions League and a quarter-final meeting with Roma.

By the 88th minute, it was 2-1. Luis Suarez had converted with an acrobatic finish, and hope had returned. And then, almost inevitably, it was 2-2. Seconds after Suarez's goal, Lionel Messi appeared on the edge of the box and swept the ball, with typically unerring accuracy, into the far corner.

Barcelona remained unbeaten. This was week 30 of La Liga and a season without defeat is looking increasingly like a realistic possibility. Few have achieved it, fewer still in football's recent history. It would also be a first for Barcelona.

If they avoid defeat for the remainder of the season - they must still navigate eight games, including a Clasico at the Nou Camp - the Blaugrana will join an exclusive list. 

Here are five clubs that can boast the achievement of an unbeaten league campaign...

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