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As any seasoned NBA 2K veterans knows, VC is the general currency that is used for many features in the game. From improving your MyCareer players to opening MyTeam packs, players can use VC to operate within the game mode of their choosing. From gaining stats for your MyCareer players or simply adding style and swag to their look, VC is vital towards becoming the best there is. 

In NBA 2K19, there are plenty of easy ways to gain VC, similar to previous versions of the game. However, with so many ways to earn VC, it is difficult to figure out which is the most efficient for the amount of time spent in the game. Obviously, opening your real world wallet and inserting your credit information is the fastest way to get VC (and the method 2K hopes you will choose). Aside from outright paying for VC, here are the fastest and easiest ways you can gain and farm VC to quickly power up.

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Play in Quick Play matches

If you want to play the game, and get better while not having to spend VC too much, hop into a quick game through the main menu. While this may seem obvious, many people overlook this method of earning VC as they'd rather start grinding in MyCareer mode right away. This is also a great way to learn the new flow of the game once the newest version rolls out. Give it a try and see how easy or hard offense and defense are this year before choosing what type of MyCareer player you want to make.

Game the MyCareer system

You can play in the MyCareer single-player campaign to earn VC over time. Playing in this mode will get you VC for doing things such as playing in regular games, and signing for different endorsements deals. All of these help to earn a significant amount of VC, but will eat up a decent amount of time playing through them, as well as following the storyline. 

While this may seem counterintuitive, you can invest all your VC in to making one player great and earn endorsements. From there, you can simulate a lot of the player's games if you don't care about the statistical outcome as much. Maybe pop in for a small chunk of game time just to pad the stats, but mostly simulate and let the VC flow in. Do not be surprised if you are earning 500 to 1,000 VC per game depending on your endorsements and this will all come fast as it will be simulated. 

To take this a step further, you can push your pay scale to the max level on a MyCareer player by demanding more money per game out of candidates when you hit free agency. Pick the teams that are most interested in you and simply say how much money interests you.

Pay attention to your MyCareer player objectives. These are a great way to monitor VC-earning tasks you might be able to easily pull off through routine play. Most of your endorsements will have incentives to pay out more, so pay attention to these early on in your career path.

It is best to avoid the online games since they can get drawn out and suffer from server problems. If you are looking to farm VC fast, it is best to stick with the offline games.

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Use the applications available

The other fast way to earn VC is to use the iOS and Android applications to earn daily rewards. Although these can be fairly easy, it is difficult to get a large amount at any given time, as they are mostly just daily quests and activities. As such, this is a bit lower on our list. While it may not be the most efficient manner, logging in daily and playing the app can net you up to 600 VC daily. This can add up to a large amount if done every day over time and it is also a way to be attached to your VC growth when out of the house.

Now go out there and start grinding that VC to your heart's content!

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