NBA Live 19: Toronto Raptors Player Ratings and Roster

The Raptors will look a little different in 2018/19, having acquired Kawhi Leonard and lost DeMar DeRozan. Take a look at their full NBA Live 19 roster here.

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After yet another season in which LeBron James tore through them in the Playoffs after an impressive regular season, the Raptors traded away four time All-Star DeMar DeRozan and brought in someone even better – Kawhi Leonard. Take a look at what their full roster looks like, as well as every player’s NBA Live 19 stats, below.


Kyle Lowry, PG, 87

Age: 32 

Position: PG

Height: 6’0’’

Playstyle: Backcourt Shooter

Best stats: 97 Stamina, 90 Dribbling, 90 Draw Shooting Foul

Lowry will enter the 2018/19 season without his backcourt partner DeMar DeRozan for the first time since he joined the Raptors in 2012. The 32-year-old saw a fairly significant decrease in his stats last season, but still put up a respectable 16.2 points (while shooting 39.9% from long range), 5.6 rebounds, 6.9 assists and 1.1 steals per night.

Danny Green, SG, 79

Age: 31

Position: SG

Height: 6’6″

Playstyle: Wing Shooter

Best stats: 84 3-point Shot, 84 On Ball Defense, 83 Stamina

Green was traded to the Raptors alongside Kawhi Leonard, and will play his first season outside of San Antonio since 2010. Green is renowned as a high quality 3-and-D player, though his shot hasn’t been what it once for a few years now – he connected on 36.3% of his long range shots last season, a solid but not outstanding number. Regardless, he will bring a constant threat on offense to the Raptors while also providing them with an excellent perimeter defender at the other end of the floor.


Kawhi Leonard, SF, 92

Age: 27 

Position: SF

Height: 6’7’’

Playstyle: Wing Defender

Best stats: 99 On Ball Defense, 99 Defensive Awareness, 96 Steal

Leonard’s bizarre 2017/18 season may never be fully explained, but at the end of it he found himself traded to the Raptors, who will spend this season attempting to convince him to stay beyond his current contract, which expires in 2019. One of the best players in the game when fit, Leonard is an elite defender and a fantastic offensive player, and will likely make the Raptors an even better team this season than they were in the last.

Serge Ibaka, PF, 81

Age: 28

Position: PF

Height: 6’10’’

Playstyle: Stretch Big

Best stats: 90 Stamina, 86 Strength, 86 Shot Block

One of the game’s great shot blockers, Ibaka once averaged 3.7 denials per game over the course of an entire season. Though in recent seasons it has hovered more around the 1.4 number, he is still an intimidating defensive presence, and though his offense is inconsistent, he is a valuable player on the Raptors team. 

Jonas Valanciunas, C, 81

Age: 26  

Position: C

Height: 6’11’’

Playstyle: Rim Protector

Best stats: 90 Strength, 88 Inside Shot, 87 Stamina

Valanciunas’ output has been remarkably consistent in the past four years, and the 12.7 points, 8.6 rebounds and 1.1 assists he averaged in 2017/18 almost mirror the numbers he put up in the three years prior. A solid interior player on the offensive end and strong defender, he has been a cornerstone of the Raptors organisation in recent seasons, and will play a big role in their starting lineup again this season.

NBA Live 19 Toronto Raptors Roster

Name OVR Position Height Playstyle Best Stats
Kawhi Leonard 92 SF 6’7″ Wing Defender 99 On Ball Defense, 99 Defensive Awareness
Kyle Lowry 87 PG 6’0″ Backcourt Shooter 97 Stamina, 90 Dribbling
Serge Ibaka 81 PF 6’10” Stretch Big 90 Stamina, 86 Shot Block
Jonas Valanciunas 81 C 6’11” Rim Protector 90 Strength, 88 Inside Shot
Fred VanVleet 80 PG 5’11” Floor General 85 Speed, 84 Stamina
Danny Green 79 SG 6’6″ Wing Shooter 84 3-point Shot, 84 On Ball Defense
Greg Monroe 79 C 6’11” Post Anchor 87 Strength, 84 Stamina
OG Anunoby 78 SF 6’8″ Wing Defender 91 Vertical, 90 Speed
Pascal Siakam 77 PF 6’9″ Post Anchor 85 Post Defense, 80 Inside Shot
CJ Miles 76 SF 6’6″ Wing Scorer 83 Vertical, 82 Mid-Range Shot
Norman Powell 75 SG 6’4″ Slasher 84 Mid-Range Shot, 83 Speed
Delon Wright 75 PG 6’6″ Slasher 80 Dribbling, 80 3-point Shot
Malachi Richardson 71 SG 6’6″ Slasher 86 Stamina, 84 Free Throw
Lorenzo Brown 68 SG 6’5″ Slasher 81 Speed, 79 Dribbling


Every team in the NBA has a unique set of plays you can run with them on NBA Live 19. Take a look at each of the Raptors’ in the table below.

Play Name Play Type
PG Drag Pick and Roll
PG 41 Weak Angle Pick and Roll
PG Horns Slot Pick and Roll
SF 14 Low High Pick and Roll
PG Horns Al High Pick and Roll
PG 5 Out Ram Double Drag Lifted Pick and Roll
PG 41 High Ram Double Drag Pick and Roll
PG Pistol Pick and Roll
PG 41 Weak Double Drag Down Pick and Roll
SG Horns Al Ram Pick and Roll
SG 41 Mix Spread Pick and Roll
SG Zipper Chase Pick and Roll
SF Horns Pin Lifted Pick and Roll
SF 41 Weave Spread Pick and Roll
SF Horns High Reverse Get Pick and Roll
SF 41 Pin Angle Pick and Roll
PF Horns Elbow Ram Pick and Roll
PF 41 Weak High Pick and Roll
PF 41 Pitch Spread Pick and Roll
PG Horns Flex Down Screen
PG Zip Trip Screen
PG 41 Mix Pin Screen
PG/SF 41 Weak High Reverse Double Screen
SG 41 UCLA Mix Trip Screen
SG Horns High Pin Screen
SG Elbow Quick Screen
SG Horns Al Screen
SG Horns Al Mix Down Screen
SG Horns Stagger Away Screen
SG/SF Elbow Rip Back Screen
SF Horns Al Pin Screen
SF 41 Pin Screen
SG 41 Duck In Postup
SG 14 High UCLA Reverse Slice Postup
SF Horns Al Duck In Postup
C 41 Strong Pitch Shallow Reverse Cross Postup
C Horns Al Pin Entry Postup
C Zip Wing Entry Postup
C Box Down Wing Entry Postup