NBA Live 19: Celebration Guide

NBA Live 19 allows you to choose how your player celebrate in both team modes and The One mode. Your options, however, are relatively limited in the former and fairly extensive in the latter - unsurprising given The One is the feature of the game. Below, we’ve listed a full celebration guide to teach you everything you need to know.

Celebrating in team modes

Whenever you’re playing in any mode other than The One - i.e. anytime you’re playing as an entire team rather than single player - your celebration options are reasonably limited. You’re only given the chance to perform a celebration after certain plays, namely when you’re fouled. After big dunks and tough 3-pointers you won’t be given the option, but if you’re fouled on a play you’ll have the celebration options flash up for a couple of seconds, as shown below.

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If you react quick enough, you'll be able to get the player who has just been fouled to perform a celebration. There are just four options as to what kind of celebration you'll perform, with the R Stick being responsible for all of them. As you can see in the screenshot, these celebrations can be either directed towards your own team, the crowd, or the environment (things on the court, such as the base of the ring), or be a taunt. It's relatively basic as far as in-game celebrations go, but it does still add a little bit extra to the game. 

Celebrating in The One

The One is the most comprehensive element of NBA Live 19, so it's no surprise that the celebrations are significantly more detailed too. Your individual player can theoretically access 87 different celebrations, though most of them are locked to begin with. To unlock them, you can either purchase them in crates, or they will become available automatically as you complete certain components of the game.

It is worth mentioning, however, that your player won't be able to access all 87 celebrations within a single game. Celebrations in NBA Live 19 are only performed by flicking the R Stick either up, down, left or right, meaning you're limited to four for any given action. There are three different scenarios in which you can celebrate though - general, after dunks, and after 3-pointers - and you can set your four options to be different for each of these, giving you 12 total celebrations within any game.

To edit your celebrations, head across the menu in The One mode until you come to ‘Edit Player’. Once you’re in Edit Player, you’ll see a bunch of editing options on the right side of your screen, as you can see below. Click on animations, which will bring up a list of different animations you can equip your player with. The last three of these are related to celebrations; general celebrations, dunk celebrations, and 3-point celebrations.

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When you want to change the celebrations your player will be able to perform, or if you just want to check out all of the options, select the relevant option from the list. To begin with, you have the same four celebrations unlocked for each of the three categories, and all are performed using the same control, as shown in the table below. 

Control (Xbox One and PS4)
2-Handed Pump
R-Stick Up
Come at Me
R-Stick Left
Easy Pump
R-Stick Right
Heating Up
R-Stick Down

These controls can be changed by clicking on any of the unlocked celebrations, and choosing what control you want to assign it to, as you can see in the below.

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All NBA Live 19 Celebrations

As for the rest of the celebrations? The list is extensive, with 83 more options. Some of them are relatively generic, others are related to specific players in the league, such as the 'Curry Shimmy Tap' and the 'Westbrook Dance'. The full list of celebrations is listed below.

  • 2-handed Pump 
  • Alright
  • BBQ Chicken Alert
  • Beat it
  • Big KAT Roar
  • Billy Bounce
  • Bolt
  • Calm Down
  • Championship Belt
  • Charged Up
  • Come at Me 
  • Cookin’
  • Count it
  • Curry Chest Tap
  • Curry High Knees
  • Curry Shimmy Tap
  • Dame Flex
  • Dame Time
  • Draymond Flex
  • Drip
  • Ease on Down the Road
  • Easy Pump 
  • Fist Pump
  • Flex on ‘Em
  • Flossin’
  • Garnett Pound
  • Get Back
  • God’s Plan
  • Hands Back
  • Harden Horns
  • Harlem Shake
  • Head Tap
  • Heating Up 
  • High Steppin’
  • Hit Dem Folks
  • Hotline Bling
  • Hyped
  • I Can’t Hear You
  • I Do This
  • I Make This Look Easy
  • It’s a Way of Life
  • It’s Not Unusual
  • It’s Over
  • Jumping for Joy
  • Jumping Pump
  • Play Hot Hand
  • Lemme Hear You
  • Lil Bounce
  • Man on the Moon
  • Milly Rock
  • Moonwalkin’
  • Nod to the Left
  • Oladipo Flex
  • Ooh Watch Me
  • Point to the Sky
  • Pumped Up
  • Reverse
  • Roll Up
  • Running Man
  • Shh…
  • Shoot
  • Simple Pump
  • Spin and Point
  • Stanky Leg
  • Stare Down
  • Stir the Pot
  • Stone Cold
  • Strut
  • The Big Clap
  • The Champ is Here
  • The Point
  • The Shrug
  • The Walking Dab
  • Thriller
  • Toe Spin
  • Too Strong
  • Trash Talk
  • Trust the Process
  • Turn and Flex
  • Warm up the Engine
  • Weight Room
  • Westbrook Dance
  • Westbrook Dance II
  • Yeet
  • Yes!
  • Young Guns
  • Young Shuffle

Personal favorites of these are Stanky Leg and Harlem Shake, but there are plenty of good ones. With 87 celebrations to be unlocked and the ability to assign 12 of them across three different in-game scenarios, NBA Live 19 allows you to give your player an added element of uniqueness.

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