NBA Live 19: Best Archetypes

NBA Live 19 offers up 11 archetypes to create your own player with – which ones are the best?

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Player archetypes are part and parcel of ‘The One’ game mode, just as they are in NBA 2K’s ‘My Career’. Before you begin your journey, you’ll be asked what kind of player you want to be. Do you want to be a backcourt shooter or a post anchor? A wing defender or a playmaker? These options have a big impact on what your player will be able to do throughout the entirety of this game mode, and while you can develop your skills, if you’re a rim protector you probably won’t be knocking down too many 3-pointers, and backcourt defenders aren’t ever going to be able to get physical on the inside. To give you an idea of what your choices are, we’ve provided a list of all 11 archetype options, and which of them are the best to play with.


Plays Like

Traits and Skills

Backcourt Shooter

Steph Curry

Moving the offense, spacing the floor, knocking down shots


Allen Iverson

Slashing through defense, finishing at the rim, quickness

Backcourt Defender

John Wall

Getting into opponent’s head, dominating the defensive perimeter

Floor General

Chris Paul

Controlling the game, playmaking

Wing Shooter

Kevin Durant

Knocking down shots, getting open

Wing Scorer

DeMar DeRozan

Pace, size, scoring

Wing Defender

Kawhi Leonard

Defending, strength, footwork


LeBron James

Size, vision, finishing at the rim, passing

Stretch Big

Dirk Nowitzki

Size, shooting, rebounding

Rim Protector 

Anthony Davis

Defending paint, paint scoring

Post Anchor

Joel Embiid

Scoring in the post, defending in the post

It’s going to take you a long time to go through ‘The One’ eleven times to try out all of these archetypes, so to make it a little easier, here’s a list of some of the more enjoyable ones to play with.


This kind of player is always great fun. Channeling your inner LeBron James, you’ll be able to do a little bit of everything. As a playmaker, you can develop your passing to a really high level, while avoiding being one-dimensional on offense; you can also be a more than handy scorer using this archetype. On top of this, your size and agility can make you a valuable defender. Overall, I find this the most enjoyable archetype to play with, as it offers the most variety within the game.

Post Anchor

The enjoyment you get out of creating a player of this kind can depend largely on the game itself. Playing in the post can be great fun, but it can be equally uninteresting if the game isn’t well developed as you’ll find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. Fortunately, NBA Live has developed to the point where there are sufficient moves to keep you occupied down low on offense, and it’s always fun to have the strength advantage over most opponents. It’s also one of the more enjoyable defensive positions, making this one of the better archetypes in the game.


The Slasher can be a really fun archetype to develop your player with. Generally, these players are as quick as anyone, giving you a massive advantage. Developing these kinds of players enables you to work on your knowledge of the offense; when to cut, when to drive, and when to hang back. You can also turn your player into a reasonable enough passer and shooter as well, giving you a few different options on offense. Defensively, this player probably won’t be as much fun as some other archetypes, but on the offensive end it’s as good as any.

Wing Defender

Hear me out. There are plenty of people out there who thrive on playing defense as much, if not more so than offense, and the wing defender allows you to maximize that enjoyment. Often, as wing defender, you’ll be assigned to play on the most talented offensive player on the opposition – you’ll be playing on the LeBron’s, the Durant’s, the Antetokounmpo’s of the world. At the other end of the floor you can still develop your game sufficiently to keep you interested as well, meaning this can be a really enjoyable archetype to play with.

The others all have their advantages too, and it ultimately comes down to personal choice. Some prefer playing defense, some prefer offense. Some like being small and fast, others like being big and strong. The four listed as the best, however, provide a great all-round experience, allowing you to contribute a variety of different things out on the floor and keeping the game fresh and exciting for longer.