RealOpinions: Should NBA 2K20 be working harder to replicate FIFA 20’s Ultimate Team?

FUT is the go-to game mode but MyTEAM misses the mark. 2K should take a lesson from EA.

Tom Young by Tom Young

The NBA 2K series is the GOAT basketball sim, there is no debating that. In fact, its popularity might have killed off EA’s NBA Live once and for all.

2Ks MyCAREER is without a doubt the best career mode available on any sports game currently on the market, whilst other unique game modes such as Black Top and My Park keep on bringing back fans year upon year.

2K19 is stacked with loads of great game modes.

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However, there is one game mode which has never really lived up to the rest of the game, MyTEAM.

MyTEAM falls short

Look at FIFA’s Ultimate Team. Albeit it a different sport, the success of the game-mode is astronomical. This is something which 2K should be looking to replicate.

If you want to build an elite team and we’re talking those TOTS Cristiano Ronaldo’s or those throwback Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s, the chances are, unless you’re incredibly lucky with your packs, it will be a case of pay to win. Nobody enjoys coming up against opponents who pay to win

Kareems ’71 Bucks card is one of many 99 rated players in 2K

But here’s where 2K has bigger issues, in NBA 2K19 there was a total of 91 players with a maximum 99 rating. NINETY ONE! Compare that to FIFA 19, there is only seven.

Now it’s no secret that 2K likes to bring out a whole load of variants of all of their cards, with players past and present given a whole range of cards and ratings. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing with those top-rated players as much as the next guy, but 91 cards with a max rating is far too excessive.

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This is where the pay to win aspect of the game is so much worse in 2K. If you want to have a great team and not invest ridiculous amounts of money, the likelihood is that you are going to have to grind hours upon hours into the game. 

This is not something which every player can afford or want to do.

Buying VC in 2K doesn’t come cheap!

What parts of Ultimate Team should 2K use?

Ultimate Team however, is slightly different.

Although the prospect of coming up against those teams flooded with Team of the Years and Icons in FUT Champions is scary and will probably lead to defeat, the rewards you get in FUT Champions/Division Rivals normally pay dividends, even if you finish down in the Silver rankings.

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Finishing up in those high Gold and Elite positions is obviously much better. But if you consistently finish Silver 1 for a few weeks, which only requires 11 wins over three days, and pick the coin reward, you can build yourself a solid 100k team and continue to build from there.

Finishing in those Elite spots really pays-out!

FUT Champions is another reason why Ultimate Team trumps MyTEAM. Yes, FUT Champs isn’t for everyone, it involves a lot of grafting, and a lot of stress, but man, can it be worthwhile.

MyTEAM however, lacks such a game-mode. 

Yes, it does have its own unique game-modes which are fun to play, my personal favorite being the Triple Threat game mode, which rewards players for winning games. But again, FIFA have added their own quirky game modes this year in the form of VOLTA and the new FUT Friendlies mode.

Will 2K20 MyTEAM be better?

Meanwhile 2K have been awfully quiet regarding MyTEAM and if they want to continue to grow the game, then MyTEAM needs a little extra push. This isn’t the go-to game mode for most NBA 2K players, whereas FUT is the leading mode for FIFA, and a money-spinner because of it. Imagine how good this game could be if 2K could invest a little more in its development.

Whilst NBA 2K is one of sports best video-games for the most part, taking some tips out of EA’s FUT book for their MyTEAM mode would elevate them to the realms of greatness.

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Tom Young