NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony mixes with Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks have unexpectedly emerged as the third team in a possible Carmelo Anthony trade, one that would involve Anthony's New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets. Rumor has it that Bucks star Jabari Parker's name has come up in trade talks, which could potentially get the deal over the line.

One of the biggest, unresolved offseason storylines could be nearing completion, right in time for the beginning of preseason preparation.

Why have the Bucks gotten involved?

It's clear that the Bucks are building around superstar small forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, which forces Parker to play power forward with a size disadvantage. If this trade goes down, Parker can play his preferred small forward position for the Knicks in place of the outgoing Anthony.

Additionally, as will be explored below, the Rockets don't have much they will be willing to part with that will push the Knicks to deal Anthony. However, receiving Parker in the trade, along with other assets, could entice the Knicks to make the deal. While Parker is a budding star, the Bucks won't be demanding as much from the Rockets in return for Parker as the Knicks would be in return for Anthony.

Has the deal made any progress?

According to reports regarding these trade rumors, no traction has yet been made on this deal. With a three-team trade involving so many large contracts, it is unsurprising that minimal progress has been made. One of the big reasons New York and Houston haven't made a deal yet is due to the depletion of the Rockets' appealing trade assets. The Texan franchise traded seven players in the swoop for Chris Paul, and as such have little to offer that would push the Knicks to part with Anthony.

The Rockets' Ryan Anderson, as well as the Bucks' Greg Monroe and John Henson, have been mentioned as potential trade assets, yet all have unattractive contracts. If Houston were keen to get a deal done, they would have to include multiple enticing assets such as Sixth Man of the Year Eric Gordon, Nene, Trevor Ariza or Clint Capela. Draft picks may also be wanted by the rebuilding Knicks franchise.

Time to get the deal done

Anthony has dominated NBA trade talk right throughout the offseason, yet oddly remains in the Big Apple at the time of writing. This comes amid a massive offseason in which numerous big-name deals have been finalized amid all the rumors, speculation and innuendo.

Given that the season is fast approaching, it's about time the Knicks and the ten-time All-Star come to some kind of agreement. And perhaps Milwaukee's involvement can help hasten the end of what has become the NBA's longest and most fatiguing trade saga.

Do you think involving the Milwaukee Bucks in this trade will get this deal over the line? Comment below!

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