NBA Jerseys: Nike sponsor logos mark new looks

Starting this season, Nike will take over Adidas as the main jersey manufacturer of the NBA, in a deal that runs through 2026. This will also mark the first season in league history where sponsors can place their logos on the jersey of NBA teams.With the introduction of Nike, the NBA has decided to abolish the home and away jersey rule implemented in the last few seasons. This means that teams can wear any jersey on any night they desire provided that the away team does not have the same primary color as the home team. With this rule, a Lakers purple vs Celtics green contest may finally happen.

The addition of sponsor logos on jerseys is obviously a quest for additional revenue, and in many fans' eyes, sells the souls of the teams that paste them on. While the change has been met with criticism, there's no turning back now; we can expect a vastly different look for many teams.

While not all teams have officially released their new looks, let's take a look at those that have.

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