NBA Draft: Five shooting guard steals

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The top crop of wing threats in the 2018 NBA Draft features names like Luka Doncic, Mikal Bridges and Gary Trent. But digging a little deeper, there is more than enough production throughout the two rounds to find value aplenty.

Here are five non-obvious shooting guard selections for the upcoming NBA Draft.

1. Lonnie Walker, Miami

Lonnie Walker’s stock may not have risen to levels some thought it may this season, but he has by no means played himself out of the first round, and still possesses the skill and size combination which helped us fall in love with him. Walker projects as a high-end sixth man or fifth starter in the professionals, and if he lands on a team willing to put a measure of development into him, he could surprise.                                                 

2. Zhaire Smith, Texas Tech

The 18-year-old Zhaire Smith will be one of the youngest players in the NBA next season, and resembles a player very similar to him upon stepping up to NBA level – J. R. Smith. An electric wing talent with good size, Smith was an impactful contributor on a good team this season at Texas Tech thanks to his underrated feel for the game.

3. Donte DiVincenzo, Villanova

When Donte DiVincenzo is drafted in the first round, wherever it may be, people will inevitably point to his explosion in the Championship Game as a reason. But the truth is ‘The Delaware Jordan’ has been impressive for the past six months. DiVincenzo is everything you want in a shooting guard, whether it’s in the starting lineup or off the bench. He can score at will, play strong defense, and is an excellent athlete. If he can find another 30-plus points in a pivotal game, he’ll prove well worth his draft pick.

4. Grayson Allen, Duke

There’s a Grayson Allen on every championship team – the guy you love when you’re playing with him, and hate when you’re playing against him. That showed up in 2015, when he led Duke University to a national championship. Infamy aside, the comparisons are there with Jimmer Fredette as a player too small, too unathletic and not capable at the NBA level. However, as a valuable rebounder and defender, hopefully Allen will be able to grasp the level a little better.

5. Jerome Robinson, Boston College

Easily the most exciting player on this list, Jerome Robinson - given time - has the potential to be anything. With the ability to play either guard spot and jump out of the building, Robinson is part of a new wave of score-first guards proving to be valuable off the bench. If he can add to his distribution skills at the next level, Robinson could project as a starter.

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