NBA 2K23 Soundtrack adds Lil Pump, Jovanie

We're getting some new music as the NBA 2K23 soundtrack will be updated for Season 3 and two of these tracks are completely brand new.

With a few new artists added and additional music likely to be added in the future, we're going to take a look at what's new in Season 3.

NBA 2K23 Soundtrack Season 3

One reason to get excited for Season 3 is the new additions to an already stacked soundtrack.

One of the first artists that we picked up on was a new song by Hit-Boy and Dom Kennedy that was added during the latest update.

NBA 2K23 soundtrack
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SEASON 3: The chill returns with brand new music.

What we also expect to be added pretty soon is the 2K Beats Search where others can submit their own music for the chance to be featured on the NBA 2K23 soundtrack.

Once that's announced, we'll be sure to give you a guide on how to submit it and what the requirements are.

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Soundtrack additions in Season 3

For each Season, 2K Beats plans to add new music to the NBA 2K23 soundtrack and this time they're bringing two all-new tracks to the game.

Lil Pump's song "Walked" and Jovanie's "Running" are the two new tracks that will be released in Season 3 for the first time.

NBA 2K23 soundtrack
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NEW MUSIC: Expect additional tracks in each NBA 2K23 season.

Lil Pump, Hit-Boy, and Dom Kennedy are probably the most recognizable names on the list of new additions to the NBA 2K23 soundtrack but there are also a few producers added as well.

Here's the list of new music for Season 3:

  • Lil Pump - Walked
  • Jovanie - Running
  • Hit-Boy & Dom Kennedy - Corsa

You'll also hear beats from:

  • Kosine
  • JohnG

If you haven't had the chance to listen to the official NBA 2K23 soundtrack, we'll have the Spotify playlist for you below.

Full NBA 2K23 Soundtrack

From names like Drake to Lil Tecca, Doja Cat, Jackson Wang, Cordae, Polo G, and more, the NBA 2K23 soundtrack has a lot of talent.

With the game constantly updating with new music, you'll want to take a moment to check out the full playlist below.

Some of the new songs from Season 3 might not be added to the NBA 2K23 soundtrack Spotify playlist yet but they will be in the future.

To learn more about the latest updates and Level 40 rewards, follow this link.

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