NBA 2K23 Shawn Marion Takeover Reward - agendas & how to earn

shawn marion takeover reward lunar new year nba 2k23

shawn marion takeover reward lunar new year nba 2k23

With the start of Season 4 and the Lunar New Year event in NBA 2K23, it's time to start grinding the Takeover Player Rewards First up is Suns legend Shawn Marion with his 96-rated Timeless card.

We've got all the details you need for his agendas so you can skip the research and just start the hard work! Some of the challenges are easier than others, but you should have enough time to get them all completed!

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Shawn Marion Takeover Reward Agendas & How to Complete

There are six total agendas to complete for the Shawn Marion Takeover Reward card. I would say two are very easy, two are challenging and two are quite hard, but not all of them are necessarily skill-based.

shawn marion myteam takeover card agendas
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You have until the end of the Lunar New Year event on Friday, 27 January to complete this set.

Grade 10 Cards - Easy

You'll need to submit 10 cards to the grading system and pay the MyTeam Points total. You can use this as a chance to finally submit those starters who want bonuses for, or take lesser cards in your collection to get them done.

Either way, as soon as you submit 10 cards, the agenda is complete, you don't need to wait for them to be done.

Reward - Shoe Award Pack

Mavericks Wins - Easy

For this agenda, you need to win seven Triple Treat games, online or offline, using three Mavericks players.

There is no difficulty requirement for this one so it should be fairly simple to complete.

Reward - 10 MyTeam Tokens

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Career High PTS - Challenging

This agenda could come down to having the right player and deciding which difficulty to play at. You'll need to score 44 points with a Suns SF in a single game.

Your best chance at completing this if you're struggling is to enter Domination against a poor team and just constantly pass to your SF for shots but make sure you know their strengths e.g. their 3PT rating, ability to finish up close or through traffic.

Reward - 2 Card Finisher Reward Pack

Career High BLK - Challenging

Again, this one comes with the caveat that you can control the difficulty to make things easier. You need to get six blocks in a single game with a Suns player, you could potentially complete this and the PTS challenge in the same game.

Just take over your SF on defence and give your matchup distance to encourage the opponent to give them the ball, then go to work trying to get the blocks.

Reward - 2 Card Rim Protector Award Pack

Career High REB - Hard

This is probably the hardest skill challenge of the game. You need to grab 22 rebounds with a Mavericks player in a single game.

Playing Domination on easy is the simplest way to complete this as the CPU will miss a lot of shots, especially if you keep them to the 3PT range where possible. A dominating Centre in your lineup should pick up most of the boards with ease.

Reward - 3 Card Rebounding Award Pack

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Suns Wins - Hard

This challenge is only hard because you'll need a full lineup of Suns players to even start it. Once you have 13 Suns players available, head into Domination and win three games.

Reward - 500 MyTeam Coins

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