NBA 2K22: Anime Themed Courts make a splash on the Cancha Del Mar

Players on current gen haven't been too happy with NBA 2K22 lately. However, they received something specifically for them during Season 5.

The anime-themed courts are a welcomed addition for players who thought the platform was getting a little stale. There are also a few current gen events available too.

Let's go over the new current gen courts on the Cancha Del Mar and some of the new NBA 2K22 Events for current gen users.

NBA 2K22 Anime Themed Courts

These new anime-themed courts were delivered courtesy of Season 5 of NBA 2K22. The great news is that only players on current gen received this reskin for their courts.

The reason we say that it's great news is that next gen systems have received a ton of exclusive upgrades. This includes 2XP during Valentine's Day last month for MyCAREER players.

NBA 2K22 anime courts current gen
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POWER WITHIN: Check out the new NBA 2K22 anime themed courts

All of the courts received an overhaul, providing players the ability to play of multiple courts, all of which have a different look. Hopefully, we continue to see more specific upgrades for current gen as Season 5 of NBA 2K22 goes on.

Now let's check out the Gold Rush event happening on the Cancha Del Mar.

Gold Rush Event on Cancha Del Mar

The Gold Rush is the most recent event on the Cancha Del Mar taking place over this weekend. It's essentially a leaderboard event where players fight for rewards based on their position.

Hopefully, we'll see a 2XP Event in the future for current gen users on NBA 2K22. Some players were even hoping to see the golden clothing return during Gold Rush.

WE LOVE GOLD: Hopefully we'll see Gold Rush return this weekend
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WE LOVE GOLD: Hopefully we'll see Gold Rush return this weekend

If we hear of another current gen event announced for this weekend, we'll be sure to let you know here. For now, hopefully, you take advantage of Gold Rush in NBA 2K22.

For more information about Season 5, follow this link to check out all the new stuff.

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