NBA 2K21 Xbox One: Latest News, Review, Gameplay, Download, Features & more

The newest basketball sim from 2K Games brings some great new features to Microsoft’s current-gen console.

by Brandon Ridgely
NBA 2K21 Xbox One

NBA 2K21 has finally arrived on current-gen consoles, which means you can play on Xbox One and PS4 now!

With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know about NBA 2K21 on Xbox One.


Latest News – NBA 2K21 Review

NBA 2K21 comes with many new features to popular game modes.

We evaluate each in our NBA 2K21 review, including MyTEAM, MyCAREER, the Pro Stick, and plenty more.


NBA 2K21 on Xbox One includes all of the new features currently announced by the 2K team.

NBA 2K21 New Shot Meter Pro Stick Feature Xbox One
SHOOTING ADJUSTMENTS: A new shooting system adds an extra layer to gameplay this year

These features include a new shot meter, thumbstick (Pro Stick) shooting system, NCAA college basketball in MyCAREER, new game modes in MyTEAM, and more.

This new content is a breath of fresh air, and adds some new depth to the NBA 2K series.

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With so much to explore on current-gen consoles, we can’t imagine what else is in store for next-gen!



You can download NBA 2K21 now on Xbox One.

pre load live nba2k21 Xbox One
CATCH UP: Many players pre-loaded NBA 2K21 to get ahead of the crowd

There is no early playable version of the game during the download, which was the case for the NBA 2K21 demo, so you’ll want to start it as soon as possible!

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This is especially true with so many Xbox One players cheating the system and getting into NBA 2K21 early by changing their home region to a different time zone (something that isn’t possible on PS4).


To play NBA 2K21 on Xbox One, you’ll have to purchase either the Current-Gen Standard Edition of the game, or the Mamba Forever Edition.

LEGENDARY: Kobe Bryant’s legacy is honored with the Mamba Forever Edition

By purchasing the Current-Gen Standard Edition, you won’t have access to next-gen exclusive features. The Mamba Forever Edition will include a copy of both the Current-Gen Standard Edition and Next-Gen Standard Edition to give players access to both versions of the game.

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You’ll still be able to play the Xbox One Current-Gen Standard Edition of NBA 2K21 on the Xbox Series X thanks to forward compatibility, but you will not be able to experience the exclusive features.

Sound complicated? Our NBA 2K21 Buyer’s Guide breaks down all the details.

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