NBA 2K21 Next-Gen: MyNBA's nostalgic UI a hit with fans

2K has announced another huge overhaul for their new game, NBA 2K21.

We already know that The Neighborhood mode will be transformed into The City, and now 2K has announced that MyLeague and MyGM will be combined into the all-new MyNBA.

The new game mode is the most immersive franchise mode to date, but there's one particular visual aspect that gamers are particularly excited about...

An Unexpected Favourite

There were plenty of aspects for the NBA 2K community to get hyped about in the latest update, from a playable G League, to a revamped Bust or Boom system.

However, it's a returning UI feature that gamers seem to be raving over.

MyNBA's Nostalgic UI

2K's new-ish slide nav will allow players to bring up a navigator menu with a simple flick up of the right stick.

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NOSTALGIA HOUR: 2K are taking us on a trip down memory lane with their new UI

You can bring up the slide nav, no matter where you are in MyNBA, allowing you to navigate the game mode easily and efficiently.

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By 2K's own admission, this feature isn't exactly new, and that's exactly why the NBA 2K community are loving it!

Twitter Reactions

At the time of writing, @2KInsiderr's tweet revealing the new UI already has over a thousand likes and a ton of replies/retweets.

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RIGHT IN THE FEELS: The NBA 2K community are getting emotional over this one

Twitter user @ichfver represents many of the NBA 2K community when they say that it's "brought back memories", hitting them right in the feels...

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THROWBACK: The new UI gives off serious NBA 2K11/2K12 vibes

Meanwhile, @Realregentskid is just one of several gamers noting the serious NBA 2K11 or 2K12 vibes that the new UI gives off.

However, as we mentioned, the new UI is just one minor change in a whole array of overhauled additions - find out more about the new MyNBA features here.

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