NBA 2K20: Top 3 Things we want to see in MyGM & MyLeague

With improvements in last years title, there is still loads of room to improve this time around.

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Since its initial release in 2K14, MyGM has become very stale and mundane. 2K’s first attempt at revitalizing the series has not been as successful as they expected. The sandbox feel of MyLeague has been more popular in recent years making it the preferred choice for many gamers. 

Recently in the news, 2K Games has announced a new iteration of MyGM mode which was labeled MyGM 2.0, with some of the key features surrounding around the core mechanics of the game mode. 

2K has improved the overall layout of the MyGM, adding a skill tree for the players along with a new task system but is this enough? The tasks may come off as pointless as they were in other 2K titles but no one really paid attention to them, and the variation of the skill tree may be interesting to see but fans have asked for more. 

So what are three things that can improve 2K20 MyGM for the better? Let’s take a look. 

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Actual Dialogue

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One of the main components of NBA 2K19’s MyGM mode was the new story mode that players would partake in, although much slower than the traditional mode we got to experience the trials and tribulations a GM would face if they were to start a new team. However, there was a massive con to this game mode which made it quite dry as it went on.

During the interaction between the multiple owners and other characters involved in the story mode, there was a no actual dialogue between your character and the non-playable ones. 

This was received negatively as fans as often times players would not even bother reading the mountains of text as there was no incentive to. Adding actual dialogue would further engage fans to read these blocks of text and engage the story more as we could see a progress of the story more in 2K20.

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Halftime Show Improvements

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If you are a traditional NBA fan, you are well aware of the legendary pre-game and post-game show that consists of some of the best sports talents in all of sports. From Shaq’s witty takes or jabs at Charles Barkley, there are always some antics going on during this show.

2K Games has tried their best to recreate this halftime show but for many, it has become rather stale and many skip it right away. Adding weekly real-life clips from the actual show could make this segment of games much better, as well more insightful comments throughout these desk portions would be appreciated by fans. 

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A Better Draft System

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With the annual NBA Draft being one of the most live watched drafts in all of sports, 2K Games has done a rather abysmal job of recreating this feature in their titles. Throughout the MyGM mode which is supposed to be the story of your created player making their way up through the GM ladder we never really get the full-fledged experience of a draft.

Experiencing the draft through a heated boardroom full of your staff as you patiently wait for the trade offers for your picks to come in would be an amazing addition for MyGM. There is a lot of room to improve with the draft in 2K20, it is just whether or not 2K Games is going to excel in this category. 

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What do you think 2K Games needs to improve in MyGM mode? Let us know by commenting below!

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