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11 Sep 2019

NBA 2K20: The Fastest players on 2K's latest game

Athleticism is a huge factor in basketball. A player's ability to get from one side of the court to the other can often be the difference between conceding and scoring the vital extra points that take you to victory.

Over the years players of different sizes have entered and departed from the league but one thing that has increased over time is the speed of which the game is played.

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RealSport have compiled a list of the fastest players on NBA 2K20...

Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls ('10-'11)

Speed: 99

Prior to his career crippling injury, D Rose was the hottest prospect since LeBron James. 

His athleticism was second to none, he was an unstoppable force bringing hope back to a high expectations Chicago fanbase.

Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs ('04-'05)

Speed: 99

The only international player to break the top seven is the Frenchman Tony Parker. 

Not only was he vital organ in the Spurs dynasty, he also breezed past his opponents with ease finishing up with a neat lay up at the end.

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder ('11-'12)

Speed: 99

Mr. Triple Double himself reached the play-off finals in 2012 against a prime LeBron James and the Miami Heat. To his dismay, he failed to win the championship and has not been back ever since.

Despite this failure year upon year, Russ is still the most explosive player in the NBA. Period. 

LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers ('15-'16)

Speed: 97

Never forget the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals. All thanks to this LeBron James. Kyrie Irving and LeBron were fast-paced players that stopped possibly the greatest team of all time from winning back in 2016.

Even at the ripe old age of 31 LeBron was still one of the fastest players in the league.

Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat ('05-'06)

Speed: 97

Dwyane Wade recently retired and will enter the Hall-of-Fame in the coming years.

His partnership with a more experienced Shaquille O'Neal was partly the reason why they won the NBA Championship back in 2006.

A prime D-Wade was a problem and few players could really guard him causing him to lift the trophy at the end of the season.

Allen Iverson, Philadelphia 76ers ('00-'01)

Speed: 97

The streets will never forget AI. The Answer had Michael Jordan on the other side of the world when he crossed him over and pulled up for that infamous jump shot.

The man was a machine and is recognized as the greatest 76er to play basketball.

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De'Aaron Fox, Sacramento Kings

Speed: 97

The only current player to make the top seven is none other than De'Aaron Fox. His short time in the NBA has not gone unnoticed.  

At his young age he is already been compared to the likes of Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillard. The sky really is the limit for this young man.

Here is the top 20 fastest players on NBA 2K20:

Name Position Team Speed
Derrick RosePG'10-'11 Bulls99
Tony ParkerPG'04-'05 Spurs99
Russell WestbrookPG'11-'12 Thunder99
LeBron JamesSF'15-'16 Cavaliers97
Dwyane WadeSG'05-'06 Heat97
Allen IversonSG'00-'01 76ers97
De'Aaron FoxPGSacramento Kings97
Leandro BarbosaPG'04-'05 Suns97
Russell WestbrookPGHouston Rockets96
Donovan MitchellSGUtah Jazz96
Josh OkogieSGMinnesota Timberwolves96
Zhaire SmithSGPhiladelphia 76ers95
LeBron JamesSF'06-'07 Cavaliers94
Jason KiddPG'01-'02 Nets94
Allen IversonSG'07-'08 Nuggets94
Jason RichardsonSG'06-'07 Warriors94
Derrick WhitePGSan Antonio Spurs94
Lonnie Walker IVSGSan Antonio Spurs94
Ben SimmonsPGPhiladelphia 76ers93
Melvin Frazier Jr.SGOrlando Magic93
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