NBA 2K20 Ratings: The most notable OVR boosts on the new game – LeBron, Leonard, Green & more

These players have been rewarded by 2K significantly for the work they put in last season.

by Louis Hutchinson

With a new edition of NBA 2K, we get a fresh set of ratings and an idea of who will be the next virtual king of the court.

With news abuzz and the roster swaps finally finished, we get to see where everyone has landed, and many of the ratings have been finalized, much to the dismay or happiness of players and fans alike. Within those, there are a few that make sense, some that are pretty gratuitous, and some that are just downright head scratchers.

Here are the winners of the rating system heading into NBA 2K20.


Draymond Green (83 – 86)

After a great rating of 87 at the start of the 2019 season, Draymond Green was definitely a better player to place into your lineup for NBA 2K19. However, throughout the season, we got to watch the train wreck as his rating plummeted down to 83, losing 4 points, one of the larger losses during an active season that we have seen.

The Finals of the NBA Playoffs 2019 with the Golden State Warriors seems to have redeemed him, which granted Green a nice increase to his rating, placing him in the top 40 with a rating of 86 to start things off. Hopefully, he won’t fall off the high road this time.

LeBron James (96 – 97)

You either love him or hate him, but you can’t deny that he loves the game. LeBron James has been the poster boy for the NBA since his arrival on the courts back in 2004. However, with his recent performance and team, he was not even able to see the 2019 Playoffs with the Lakers.

That didn’t stop the generous rating being given to him for the 2020 season. Having started the 2019 season at 98, and dropping 2 points to 96 by the end of it all, it seems kind of obvious that someone had a hand in keeping LeBron James at 97. The most noticeable things about this past season was the fact that James missed the largest number of games in his career due to a groin injury. Only time will tell if it stays this way, or if the King will watch it fall


Kawhi Leonard (95 – 97)

After a controversial run in his career landed him on the Toronto Raptors, Kawhi Leonard made a name for himself with his performance on the court during the 2019 season, winning a championship in Toronto before jetting off to Los Angeles for the Clippers.

Having started the 2019 season at a rating of 94, he was able to finish at a 95. However, he enjoyed a massive boost coming into the 2020 season with a rating of 97, tied for the top rated NBA 2K20 player of the season with LeBron James.

Paul George (93 – 93)

It may seem strange to include a player whose rating hasn’t changed, but Paul George is the one exception. Although he ended his 2019 season at 93, his starting rating was a measly 89. This meant he was a lower tier top 15 only.

With this stabilization to his play, however, as well as a solid 93 to start off the 2020 season, he now ranks in the top 10, so don’t miss him! This rating boost was well warranted after being in the MVP conversation all season long for the Clippers man.