NBA 2K20 Demo: Everything we learned playing the secretive trial

2K Sports released their very limited teaser featuring last season’s NBA Play-Offs.

by Louis Hutchinson

The NBA 2K20 limited demo is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Unfortunately, it  has not followed suit like its predecessors. No more MyCareer prelude and unwanted cut-scenes. 

2K cut to the chase with the demo by allowing gamers to explore the 100 archetypes available to them and pick how they want their player to play like. 

Once you have created your player, the game gives you a real life comparison to past or present legends in the game.

For example, if you made a spot up shooter who played Shooting Guard they will show you that your MyPlayer possesses similar characteristics to that of Klay Thompson.

You can choose what overall you want your player to be so that you can see how they feel at each milestone towards the grind to a 99 overall

Once the pre-game screen is over, you are automatically put into a 5v5 game against the Golden State Warriors. You will be starting for the Toronto Raptors to reenact the 2019 NBA Finals.

What we learned

Game speed feels similar to NBA 2K19 and so it should as it has the perfect balance of realism and simulation. 

The graphics have seen slight improvements which is always a bonus, the player scans continue to work wonders and body types and hair look more natural than ever before. 

You will have to wait to play in the WNBA 2K20The new read and react system requires a player to have a decent level of defending so that the arrow flashes up for a longer time. Players with poor defending will struggle to enjoy this system. 

Starting plays using the L1 trigger allows for more sensible basketball to be seen.

If we are honest, not much else has changed

What is missing?

NBA 2K20 demo offers very little and we have only seen a fraction of what is coming. 

No news or access to MyTeam has been revealed and players are anxiously waiting for changes to the Ultimate Team styled game mode.  

Sadly, none of the new legends feature in the NBA 2K20 Demo

We know that MyGM 2.0 is coming but nothing has yet been announced for MyTeam. We are hoping Ronnie 2K and the developers will release something before September 6th.

This cagey demo only whets the appetite for NBA 2K20’s full release, head here for everything you need to know about the new game