NBA 2K19: Top Dynamic Duos and Player Ratings

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Having strong individual players in your MyTeam roster is very important. Depending on what style you play, having a PG and C duo instead of a PF and SF could mean the difference between breaking through an iron man-to-man and getting locked out of the paint.

But, not all duos are made equal. Some excel while others are 1-time shots. Some are better played as supports, while another duo might be best as the shining stars. These are some of the qualities that you have to take into consideration when picking the 2 players that will sync up together.

Not only that, but individual skills and attribute strengths do have to weigh into the overall factor. If they are a weak combination in terms of skills and attributes, their synergy as a duo will not be able to shine as they will be outclassed by better individuals. As such, here are some of the top Duos that we have selected as great for you to pick up for your teams. These vary in both output, as well as price, but if you get these duos, you will for sure see an increase in your overall rating.

Disclaimer: As I have not unlocked the duos yet myself, screenshots are merely player cards and not an actual depiction of the cards in MyTeam mode.

Strengths of Duos

Something to always remember about duos is that they give increase attribute stats to the other partner. Because of this, the overall natural rating of a player should not be your primary attribute. Instead, weigh up the options of what you gain from these duos, and focus on finding the right one that boosts your team as well. Do not assume that just because they have a higher total overall rating that they will be best as a duo.

Diamond - Pink Diamond Ranking

Anthony Davis (OVR 94), PF - Jrue Holiday (OVR 85), PG

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Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday had massive duo strengths in NBA 2K18. Passing on into NBA 2K19, it seems that they are still a highly coveted duo to own. If you are fortunate enough to get these two, they will go from regular diamonds to a pink diamond and diamond. This is why it ranks highest on our list.

Sapphire - Ruby Ranking

John Stockton (OVR 90), PG - Karl Malone (OVR 91), PF

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Be sure you are landing the correct versions of the players here, as both have various tiers of cards for these players. You will know you have the right cards by the icon showing the silhouette of two players on the face of the card. The combo terrorized the Western Conference in the 90s as one of the strongest duos to ever play the game.

Jason Richardson (OVR 81), SG - Gerald Wallace (OVR 87), SF

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Richardson has more than one card under his name, but Wallace only has one card so he should be easier to find. This Richardson card is lower than his alternate card, but the boosts to the team are good for a middle-range deck while building.

These two sets work mostly with sapphire and ruby players. Although they seem weak as an overall player duo, they can still output strong advances, and can cover for any other weaker players on the court as well.

Emerald Ranking

Andrew Wiggins (OVR 81), SF - Karl-Anthony Towns (OVR 91), C

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Myles Turner (OVR 80), C - Victor Oladipo (OVR 88), SG

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These duos are very weak compared to the others listed. We have mostly included these duos to show which ones would be good if you are working on a budget and need a quick duo for a slight power boost. These are not meant to be permanent, but can still be useful for your early MyTeam rosters.

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