NBA 2K19: Neighborhood Guide

A comprehensive guide for the Neighborhood Map, Secrets, Facilities and NBA 2K19: MyCourt features in the Neighborhood

The MyPark feature in NBA 2K19 is almost always the highlight of the game. No matter what, you want the ability to go see if you can stack up against the best players out in the world. You want to take your own personalized player, no matter the position, and style on those guys, to show them that you rule the courts.

Thankfully, in NBA 2K19, they have ramped it up to an even greater degree. Not only have the graphics been polished down to a strong degree, but they have added in small differences and bonuses hidden throughout the entire park.

NBA 2K19 Neighborhood Map

The video provides a nice tour of the neighborhood. Check it out to familiarize yourself with all the different sectors and features offered this year.

The Center

Just like with all of the MyPark eras, the center will always be the courts. These can be used to play regular pickup games, as well as 3 on 3 matches. This is also where many of the online tournaments will be held, as well as where you can meet a lot of people from around the world and get in contact with them, as you will need to find people to make a team for the 5 on 5 matches.

The Perimeter

Along the outside is a plethora of facilities and gyms that you can join. Your starting spot in your apartment will actually be along the perimeter, giving you clear access to the other facilities available to you.

The most prominent ones you will notice are the Jordan Center and the Gatorade facility. Both of these play primary roles in upgrading your player, as you will use these to practice specific drills to increase your badge score, as well as earn VC to purchase upgrades. The Gatorade Center will also allow you to purchase boosts that can increase your stat gains for the next game you play, or help to increase your stamina during the game.

You will also find the team training facility here. The team training facility holds the drills that you can perform. This will also be the spot where you can go off on 5 on 5 matches with your friends or find people to play with.

The Secrets

There are not a whole lot of secrets in the MyPark. This is because they wanted to ensure clarity of where everything is, and help with navigation. However, if you search hard enough, you can find alleyways and walkways you can hide in when needed, especially if the dodgeball mini-game shows up and starts.

The above video may actually come in handy and show players of some of the very good hiding spots found in small corners of alleyways. This could come in handy whenever the dodgeball events break out and you need a spot to hunker down and avoid being hit. However, many players like to be right in the heat of the action instead of hiding. Whatever your approach, feel free to play your game!

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