NBA 2k19: MyTeam schedule challenge rewards

In the NBA 2k19 franchise of games, it is always fun to test your mettle against actual teams that are stacked against one another. To see if you can come out on top, like other teams have before you, can be somewhat fulfilling and enjoyable. But, sometimes it can feel a bit too easy. If you feel like you aren’t getting anything out of your regular games, head on over to MyTeam Schedule Challenges, where you can pit yourself against other teams with the same players as the regular lineups.

In MyTeam Schedule challenges, you attempt to play against a full 15 other teams. Each match brings a little something else to the table, and is not necessarily a real match. Depending on which match you are on, there may be some stipulations that are set upon you, such as you are unable to use a certain play, or you can only make a certain type of shot. These can drastically affect how you approach the game, making these challenges rewarding in their own way.

But of course, just getting skills out of the games isn’t enough. As such, there are a few rewards that are given for each game that you play, with a much larger reward at the end of it all if you keep it up.

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Regular Rewards

With each schedule, there are 15 different stages. Each stage pits you against other teams, and as you win, you gain increasing rewards. For most of them, you only get MT. These range from 100 MT to 1500 MT later on down the road. Completing all 1-14 early stage challenges can net you somewhere between 4000 to 5000 MT total if you complete all of them.

Big Reward 

If you manage to complete the entire Schedule challenge, you will be granted a premiere award from your schedule team. This premiere award will usually contain a guaranteed throwback player from the team’s schedule. For instance, if you chose the Hornets schedule challenge, you’ll get a premiere award for a guaranteed Hornets Throwback player. You will also get 4 other items with it, so these can be big when bolstering your MyTeam collection.

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Rotation of Challenges

These are not just situated for a specific number of teams. Each week, as the game rolls out, you will have the chance to play through each team’s schedule. As such, these can be seen as weekly awards. Later on down the road, there is a possibility of having new rewards at the end of the 15 game challenge schedules, so be on the lookout to complete these as soon as possible.

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