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In NBA 2K19, MyTeam mode is as close to your classic collectible trading card game as you’d want. Designed to allow you to invest your time (and money) in to building your card collection and players to use in various game modes, this game mode is perfect for any player that finds themselves dreaming up strategies and fantasy teams.

Just like any trading card game, there is some level of luck involved as players open card packs that provide any random assortment of cards. To some extent, the amount of money you invest in to the packs, the greater chance you have of landing more rare and stronger cards. With these basics in mind, we wanted to provide you with a quick guide of how to purchase card packs and what to expect at each purchase level.

Pack Market

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In MyTeam mode, there are several menu options for browsing your collection, playing certain challenges or purchasing packs from the marketplace. To get to the marketplace, simply scroll across the top menu using the appropriate buttons until you land on “Pack Market”. See the above picture for reference of the MyTeam homepage.

Pack Choice

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Once you get to the Pack Market, you will various pack types to choose from (as seen above). The League option refers to current NBA players and is generally available. The other options may rotate from time-to-time, so players will want to make sure they are buying packs that interest them during appropriate buying windows. For the purpose of this article, I decided to roll with the standard League packs. The League packs are also more affordable in terms of VC spent to cards received.

Pack Tier

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Once you’ve narrowed down which category of pack you’d like, you will be presented with various tiers to choose from. Different tiers offer varying levels of card rarity and quality. Higher tier packs offer better cards. Check out the difference in offerings from the Base League Pack pictured above and the Premiere League Pack below. I decided to go with the Premiere pack.

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Opening the Pack

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Once you’ve made your final decision and made the pack purchase, you will be presented with a screen as seen above that builds the anticipation of which cards you will receive. You can flip them one at a time, or all at once. As seen below, my pack opening resulted in some decent cards that I will be more than happy to play with.

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