NBA 2K19: MyTeam guide, changes and tips

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MyTeam is the preferred game mode for players that like collecting, fantasy rosters and overall team play rather than solo player achievements in MyCareer mode.

With NBA 2K19 looking to make plenty of changes this year to appease the community, the developers at 2K Sports invested plenty of time and energy into improving the MyTeam mode. We provide a breakdown of the game mode that will serve as both a guide and provide some helpful tips so players can hit the ground running.

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What is MyTeam mode?

This game mode allows you to collect basketball cards of players both past and present, form monster teams and compete in both single player and online game modes using these teams.

You grow your team by purchasing card packs like any traditional playing card game or special cards by finishing challenges. 

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NBA 2K19 MyTeam Changes

Packs will now be specifically tiered, meaning you will have more pack options to purchase. Instead of buying general packs and attempting to land that one in a thousand card, players will be able to purchase more expensive packs that will guarantee a certain tiered card, such as ruby or diamond.

Additionally, 2K Sports plans to keep up a good pace on the release of rare and new cards and run special release events.

MyTeam Unlimited

The new online game mode allows players to compete with their top 13 cards for some pretty solid prizes - including MyTeam Points, free card packs, Reward Tokens and an exclusive “player of the month” card if you have the skills to string together 12 wins in a row.

If you collect all the “player of the month” cards, you can get rare players such as Isiah Thomas that have a much lower drop rate in packages.

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Triple Threat

This version of MyTeam mode goes into the 3v3 mode that is popular in the MyCareer mode. Prizes are tiered, and given to players at different rates depending if you go for a solo match, or queue up with a couple of friends and try to rule the court together.


There will be single and online mode challenges that players can complete for prizes. The difference this year is that the challenges will not expire like in previous years. That will be a lot of content for players to work their way through over the course of the season!


This mode allows your MyTeam to face all the different NBA rosters and some other fun rosters (Fantasy and All-Time rosters). A fan favorite for many years, the changes to make this mode even more involved creates a deeper dynamic for new and old players alike. 2K Sports decided to listen to fan feedback and make appropriate changes to deal with the difficulty of different challenges.


This year, 2K Sports decided to add an element of rewarding players for playing the game with tokens that can be used to purchase MyTeam players from the rewards market. Over time, enough tokens will allow you to purchase various high-tier rewards.

Locker Codes

Locker Codes will now be limited to 1 per person, rather than a limited number of codes like last year, and codes will have a random chance of dropping certain prizes. 2K Sports already released a Locker Code for players to use right away, but have not provided any hints as to what it might be:


I'm not going to spoil the surprise for you, so you'll just have to enter the code and see what you get.

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Tips to MyTeam Mode

Just like other modes in NBA 2K19, players will have to play and learn the various ins-and-outs of the particular game mode. Just to make sure you aren’t wasting your resources right off the bat, we wanted to share some general tips for MyTeam mode to help you from the onset. From there, you will need to figure out things on your own as you play along and develop your collection. These tips will help you grow your team without spending a good amount of real money like some may choose to do. Here are our beginner tips to ensure you have a good time at the beginning while learning the game mode:

While you can enjoy the MyTeam game mode at your leisure and be as competitive or casual as you prefer, these tips are a good way to ensure you grow your collection in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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