NBA 2K19 Face Scan Guide: Tips to get the best scans for MyPlayer

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For anyone new to the game, NBA 2K19 allows you to play in a "MyPlayer" mode. This mode allows you to create an NBA player and progress that player in to quality talent. You can also use the MyPlayer for online game modes and compete against others online. If you'd like to get your MyPlayer looking as similar to you as possible with the least amount of settings work, use the face scan feature as detailed below:

Where is the feature?

You can find this feature by downloading the accompanying application on your mobile device, so long as it uses iOS or Android. Here is what the app looks like on the iOS App Store:

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How to use the feature? 

To use the feature, you will need to download the app and go through the process of setup.

The app should look like this upon opening:

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Review and accept the terms and conditions.

Log in to the appropriate network you purchased game through:

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And finally, select the "Scan Your Face" button to get rolling:

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How to get the best scans? 

In order for the app to function optimally, you will want to follow some tips provided in the app for quality scans.

Make sure you are in good lighting and remove any hats and/or glasses you might be wearing:

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When scanning, be sure to rotate your head and not the device:


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After reading all the tips, hit the "Begin Scan" button and get rolling:

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Once complete, you can review the scans to make sure you are happy with the final result.

What can you do with the scans?

Once the scans are taken, you should be able to go in to MyPlayer mode and create a player. Then the scanned face should automatically be loaded to an account based on matching account login credentials. Upload of the scan can take a few minutes depending on your internet connection.


  • Make sure you take a scan of your face in a room that is well lit. This is important to avoid any shadows and glare.
  • Rotate your head slowly and look at the camera at all times.
  • Make sure you keep the device steady and only move your head - not the device itself.
  • Make sure your face is free from any apparel items, such as hats or glasses.
  • When rotating your head, make sure to go side to side at a relatively slow pace.
  • Go back and review your scans at the end. If you are not satisfied with the captures, redo the process.
  • Once you see the final product in game, be prepared to make some final revisions until it looks more like you.

Practice Patience

Be sure to be a little patient and understanding with the outcome. From my personal experience, the outcome was decent. The main thing for me is that the scan didn't pick up my hairstyle very well and delivered a picture with a buzzcut, rather than a short comb over. Additionally, the scan may look somewhat generic in nature and will require tweaking of the intricate details. The feature is a cool addition to the game, but one that may require development over time to be a little more accurate. Either way, props to 2K Sports for heading in this direction.

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