NBA 2K19: Dribbling Guide

Use our dribbling guide to figure out how to style on your opponents

Dribbling is an essential skill of anyone that wants to excel on the court. It doesn’t matter if you’re a point guard, center, or small forward, you have to learn how to keep control of the ball if you want to be at the top of NBA 2K19.

Although it may seem like a very simple skill, there are a number of different skills and combos that you can use to throw off your opponent. These range from the simple and easy, to the delicate and excessive. All of them can be utilized, but remember that it can be dangerous to perform these maneuvers if you do not have the proper control or ball handling skills. We will give a list of one to two different skills that can be done at each difficulty, and let you know how you can do it.

Easy Moves

Get these moves down to get past defenders and master them before moving to the next set of moves


Sprinting allows your player to run at a much faster speed for a period of time. This can help you get past defenders, as well as get in position to set up a pass, or even a shot. To sprint, simply hold down the RT/R2 and move the Left Stick in whichever direction you want to go.

Size Up

A move to see how jumpy your counterpart is, the Size up lets you gently move your player in a direction to test your opponent and see if you can make a quick play. To pull this off flick your Right Stick in the up direction and let it go. You can do this while moving or while stopped.

Skilled Moves

These moves are the ones you'll only want to try in situational settings once you feel comfortable pulling them off.

The Spin

The spin is a good move to use against someone that is guarding you extremely close. Generally when you’re trying to make a break for the inside line, a spin can give you a much needed open shot. This comes in two forms: Spin, and Half Spin. To do a Spin, Rotate the Right Stick in a clockwise fashion starting from the 3 o’clock mark all the way to the 9 o'clock mark while you are dribbling with your right hand. This can also be reversed and done with the left hand if you want to try it that way. The Half spin is done by rotating the Right Stick from the 3 o'clock position to the 12 o'clock position in a counterclockwise motion. Again, reverse for if you want to do it with the left hand.

Hard Stop

Although this is not the most show-stopping move by any means, it is still essential if you want to get some space between you and the defender. Since many defenders are always trying to keep up with you as you attempt to outpace them, a sudden stop can jar them from their usual flow. To do a hard stop, as you are running or sprinting, simply tap the Left Trigger and let go of the left joystick. The reason this is a bit more difficult is you may end up continuously running if you don’t let go of the Left Stick when attempting to do this move, putting you in a less than favorable position.

Dribble Master Moves

Once you've locked down the various dribble move types, you can tie them together as a true dribbling aficionado

Combo Moves

Although this is not a specific move that you can do, combinations of all of the moves listed above, as well as some that are not listed, can be concocted. The reason Combos are listed as quite difficult is due to how clean they must be executed. Going from a spin move to a juke to a behind the back, give you that momentary opening to take the game winning shot. However, if you haven’t practiced enough, you’ll end up right in the hole again, and having only a burned down shot clock for your all your troubles.

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