NBA 2K19: Best Center (C) Builds and Tips

Having a strong center is one of the most, if not the most important position currently in building a strong NBA roster. Someone that not only brings a strong defensive set, but can also play the offensive role as well, helps to build a strong base for your primary five players.

But, as with all NBA 2K games, there are plenty of different styles to play with. Although you may be inclined to try all of the different types of combinations available, it can take some time to test them all. So, it’s been done for you. Here are the top five center skill combinations, all of which garner the highest amount of attribute points possible.

We’ve got a list of the only five center builds that can help you reach a higher overall rating with at least 238 total attribute points or more.

God Tier Center Options

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Driving & Finishing - Defending Center

Top Attributes: Vertical, Speed, Acceleration

Secondary Top Attributes: Lateral Quickness, Layups, Dunks

Total Attribute Points Possible: 240

Defending - Driving & Finishing Center

Top Attributes: Vertical

Secondary Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Lateral Quickness, Speed, Acceleration, Strength

Total Attribute Points Possible: 240

These combinations of skills create the strongest possible outcome for your total attribute score. Combining both offense and defense together, they will make your center a force to be reckoned with on the court in any scenario. Once you grind through the levels, they will be prime all-star material, and land you a threatening position at the top of center player leaderboards.

Strong Center Options

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Defending - Passing & Ball Handling Center

Top Attributes: Lateral Quickness, Speed, Acceleration

Secondary Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Vertical

Total Attribute Points Possible: 238

Defending - Shot Creating Center

Top Attributes: Lateral Quickness

Secondary Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Vertical, Speed, Acceleration, Strength

Total Attribute Points Possible: 238

Defending - Defending Center

Top Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Lateral Quickness

Secondary Top Attributes: Vertical, Speed, Acceleration, Strength

Total Attribute Points Possible: 238

Some of these builds vary a bit from the traditional center style of play, but this does allow you to have some creativity and fun with your builds. For example, a center with passing skills will allow you to play more like Nikola Jokic, or a shot creating center allows you to play like Joel Embiid. Having this kind of diversity in playing style and still being able to create a top tier player is what makes this year’s game so much more enjoyable.


When it comes to playing center in NBA 2K19, you will need to bang down low very often. Even if you are a stretch five, you will have to defend opposing centers. Teams will feed it inside early and often against you if you cannot stand your ground on defense. Due to this, putting points in to strength and rebounding is an easy way to guarantee you don't get destroyed inside the paint.

Unlike other positions, you really won't experience much variance in player size at this position. Centers like to be the biggest, baddest dudes on the court. Even stretch-5s like to be tall, but may give up weight and wingspan to fit their 3-point shooting niche. Height, weight and wingspan will play a major role in your player's performance at the position.

As a center, your average height starts at 7’ 0”, your average weight starts at 255, and your wingspan starts at 93.8. In our opinion, the best thing to go for is a semi-taller height. This helps you focus on being a strong defender, as well as a possible dunker. Heavier weight is always good, as this ups your strength and boxout ability, as well as keeps your contact dunking high. An extended wingspan will also be good, as you can make sure to block out anyone attempting to score inside the box. You can make up for the poor offense by having a strong defense.

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