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NBA 2K19: 1985-1986 Boston Celtics Player Ratings and Roster

The Boston Celtics have been a big name in the NBA for some time. Most of that came from having a star like Larry Bird play for them for so long. During the 85-86 season, they made a legendary stomping run through the playoffs after finishing first in the Atlantic Division with a record of 67-15. They decimated the Bulls 3-0, then the Hawks 4-1, as well as the Bucks 4-0, before defeating the Rockets 4-2.

Starting Lineup

Larry Bird, SF/PF (97)

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Age: 29

Height: 6’9”

Traits: All-Around Superstar


Best Stats: Mid-Range, 3PT, Stamina

With a staggering history and legacy, Larry Bird was in one of his prime years during the 85-86 season. He was able to average 25.8 points per game, as well as 9.8 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game, making him a threat no matter where he stood on the court.

Kevin McHale, PF/C (90)

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Age: 28

Height: 6’10”

Traits: Two-Way Player

Best Stats: Post offense, Rebounding, Blocks

The other half of the star duo, Kevin McHale was another threat that had to be dealt with if he was given the option. He was able to average 21.3 points per game, as well as 8.1 rebounds. He had a much lower 2.7 assists per game, but that was because he was racking up a monstrous and dominating 2.0 blocks per game, even though he only stood at 6’10”.

Robert Parish, C/PF (85)

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Age: 32

Height: 7’0”

Traits: Two-Way Center

Best Stats: Post offense, Rebounding, Stamina

If you’re looking for an amazing center that can dominate when everything else fails, your 3rd pick may be Robert Parish. Averaging a decent 16.1 points per game, he had an astounding 9.5 rebounds averaged, as well as a dominating 1.4 steals per game, contrary to his 7’0” height leaning towards his blocking.

Dennis Johnson, PG/SG (84)

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Age: 31


Height: 6’4”

Traits: Two-Way Point

Best Stats: Lateral Quickness, Ball handling, layups

Another high scorer for the Boston Celtics, Dennis Johnson may not have been in the limelight for opponents, but he was definitely in their eyesight. Averaging a decent 15.6 points per game, he held himself to a high standard as a team player, going 5.8 assists per game, as well as 1.4 steals to stop any ongoing drives. Talk about doing a lot of work for little reward.

Danny Ainge, SG/PG (78)

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Age: 27

Height: 6’4”

Traits: Skilled Sharpshooter


Best Stats: 3PT, Mid-Range, Passing

Rounding out the top players is none other than Danny Ainge. Another name you might not hear often, when he stepped on the court, he was always ready to play. Averaging a palsy 10.7 points per game, he was still able to get a nice 5.1 assists per game, as well as 1.2 steals, making him a decent threat, even if he was seen as a mere benchwarmer to opponents.

NBA 2K19 1985-1986 Boston Celtics Roster

Name OVR Position Height Age
Larry Bird97SF6’9”29
Kevin McHale90PF6’10”28
Robert Parish85C7’0”32
Dennis Johnson84PG6’4”31
Danny Ainge78SG6’4”26
Bill Walton76C6’11”33
Scott Wedman73SF6’7”33
Sam Vincent68SG6’2”22
Jerry Sichting67PG6’1”29
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