NBA 2K18: Best offensive plays guide

In NBA 2K18, many people play the game using no set plays.   

This strategy may work for some, but over time players may have a hard time taking their game to the next level and will limit their chance of beating more advanced players in the 2K community. 

After some experimentation, I have came across several very effective plays in NBA 2K18. 

To start things off, I want to introduce one of the most effective money plays that I think every player should add to their 2K arsenal. 

After adding this one simple play to my game, my head-to-head record improved immensely. 

For the first time in my 2K career I had the pleasure of making my opponents 'rage quit' within minutes of tip-off.  

The money play 

Name of the Play:  Quick 3 Horns 15 First 

Why it is so effective: This is a versatile 3-point play that gives you multiple options to score easy baskets. 

Either with easy layups and dunks, numerous free-throw opportunities or a wide open three-point shot. 

Executing the play

1. Select a team's playbook with "Quick 3 Horns 15 First" 

I found this play in the Cleveland Cavaliers' playbook and several other teams including the Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers, Dallas Mavericks and others.

You can select the preferred playbook either during the pre-game or in-game. 

To do this in game, you will have to press 'pause' ---> 'gameplan' ---> 'coaching sliders'

2. Assign this play to a reliable 3-point shooter:

In my example, I used the Cleveland Cavaliers, so I assigned this play to a great shooter in Kyle Korver. 

You can also find 'assign plays' under the 'gameplan' menu option. 

3. Use a reliable ball handler with good finishing ability at the basket:

Almost every team in the NBA has a reliable ball-handler who can finish well at the basket. In this case, since I'm using Cleveland I chose LeBron James as my ball-handler and driver. 

Running the play

1. Call the play for your shooter

To call the play for your shooter you must first make sure your desired ball-handler has the ball. 

Then press 'L1' (on PS4) to activate the play calling option and select the shooter you want to run the play for. 

As you can see in the picture above, you might have to press 'R2' to go scroll through the playbook before you locate the play (Quick 3 Horns 15).  

2. Wait for the screen!

This is where the fun begins! 

Depending on what the defense gives you will have to read and react to the play. 

Scenario 1:

If the defense switches on the pick-and-roll, you will likely have a free run to the basket for an easy layup or dunk. 

With optimal spacing and a favorable matchup, your ball handler does the rest.

Scenario 2: 

After a few easy baskets, your opponents will likely re-adjust their defense and try to clog up the paint. This presents two options: You can continue to drive to the basket and draw a foul for a free-throw, or you kick it out to your shooter for a wide open 3-point shot, thereby cashing-in on the money play.

Notice in the picture below where four Golden State Warriors defenders are on the ball handler (LeBron) and Kyle Korver is wide open at the top of the screen.  

This would be an optimal time for LeBron to kick it out to Korver for a wonderful look at the 3-point shot. 

With an excellent double-down screen set by Kevin Love and Jae Crowder, there is no way the defenders can get to Korver in time. 

This is one of the most effective scoring plays I have come across is in 2K18 so far. 

If executed properly, you are pretty much unguardable. From experience, I have found that beginner to immediate players have a very hard time trying to defend this play. 

Other tips to remember

You don’t need LeBron to run this play. I have found success with other players including: 

Toronto Raptors: (DeMar DeRozan (ball handler),  Kyle Lowry (shooter)

Golden State Warriors: Andre Iguodala/Kevin Durant (ball handler) Klay Thompson/Steph Curry (shooter)

Milwaukee Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo (ball handler), Khris Middleton (shooter) 

Portland Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard and C. J. McCollum (both can be drivers and shooters)

Oklahoma City Thunder: Russell Westbrook (ball handler), Carmelo Anthony/Paul George/ Alex Abrines (shooters).

Feel free to test out other players with this play.

I recommend testing this play out against the CPU first. Once perfected, be ready to reap the rewards in online matches or against your friends.

What do you think of this money play? Did it work for you? Let us know via comments below!

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