Memphis Grizzlies: NBA season schedule, preview and roster

Offseason Recap

 Arrivals: Tyreke Evans, Ben McLemore, Dillon Brooks, Mario Chalmers, Ivan Rabb, Kobi Simmons, Rade Zagorac

Departures: Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, Vince Carter, Troy Daniels

It was the end of an era in Memphis this offseason. The two players who most exemplified the team’s mantra of “Grit ‘n Grind,” Tony Allen and Zach Randolph, both left in free agency. The two had limitations to be sure, but they helped to give the Grizzlies an identity, which they used to great success over the last few years.

Vince Carter also departed in free agency, while Troy Daniels was later traded to the Phoenix Suns for salary cap relief. The Grizzlies replaced Carter, Allen, and Daniels with younger wings in Tyreke Evans, Ben McLemore, and Dillon Brooks.

Evans was an important signing for the Grizzlies, who simply needed a) someone who could provide some scoring off the bench after Randolph’s departure, and b) someone other than Mike Conley who could capably facilitate the offense and create something off the dribble.

However, McLemore is set to miss the start of the season with a broken foot, while the status of the oft-injured Chandler Parsons remains a mystery.

On a brighter note, the Grizzlies were finally able to work out a deal for starting power forward JaMychal Green. Keeping Green is good news for a Memphis team that couldn't really afford to lose another key piece of their frontcourt.

Projected Depth Chart

C – Marc Gasol / Deyonta Davis 

PF – JaMychal Green/ Brandan Wright / Jarell Martin

SF – Chandler Parsons / James Ennis / Dillon Brooks / Rade Zagorac

SG – Wayne Selden / Tyreke Evans / Ben McLemore

PG – Mike Conley / Andrew Harrison/ Wade Baldwin IV / Mario Chalmers


The Grizzlies have leaned on their defense for the longest time. They did so last season, as they finished well inside the top 10 in defensive efficiency, and they figure to do so again.

The team’s two best players, Gasol and Conley, set the tone for the entire team with their stellar defense for their respective positions. The defense will take a hit with the loss of the Godfather, Allen, but the defense should remain the big strength of this team.

The Grizzlies also do a very good job of taking care of the ball. That’s in part due to Conley’s sure hands while running the show, and in part due to the team’s slow, deliberate style of offense.

Two of the main proponents of “Grit ‘n Grind” may be gone with Allen and Randolph both leaving in free agency, but there will still be no shortage of toughness on this Grizzlies team. They will scrap and claw and make their opponents work for everything.


While the Grizzlies finally joined the rest of the league and shot a lot more threes under head coach Dave Fizdale last season, the offense remains subpar. They lack genuine playmakers on the wings, which is a huge weakness for the team. It places way too much pressure on Gasol and Conley to provide both scoring and playmaking for the entire team. 

To be fair to the team, they tried to address the situation by signing Evans. If healthy, Evans can provide good scoring punch off the bench. And speaking of health, a lot will once again be riding on Chandler Parsons and his ability to play and contribute. If he still can’t stay on the court, the Grizzlies will continue to lack that scoring and playmaking they desperately need on the wings.

The team’s overall depth could also be an issue. Deyonta Davis has not developed as anticipated, while Brandan Wright is as oft-injured as Parsons. Meanwhile, the backup point guard spot is rough. Andrew Harrison is a horrific shooter; Wade Baldwin showed little in his rookie year; and Mario Chalmers might not be that effective anymore after suffering a torn Achilles the last time he was in Memphis.

Player to Watch – Marc Gasol

Even the most die-hard Grizzlies fan probably won’t say this team is fun to watch. This is a team that relies on making things ugly to win, and entertaining fans isn’t high on their list of priorities.

But despite the worrying lack of overall aesthetic basketball appeal on the team, Marc Gasol does his best to make it up all by himself. Gasol’s intelligence and acumen on the court is a sight to behold. His passing for a big man is remarkable, and how he operates inside with wits and guile is beyond impressive. He even transformed himself into a prolific three-point shooter last season, which is a testament to just how talented the Spanish big man is.

Gasol is far and away the most entertaining player to watch on the Grizzlies roster, and will be massively important to the team’s fortunes this season.

2017/18 Schedule

1 Oct 18, 2017  vs. New Orleans Pelicans        

2 Oct 21, 2017  vs. Golden State Warriors        

3 Oct 23, 2017  @ Houston Rockets        

4 Oct 25, 2017  @ Dallas Mavericks        

5 Oct 26, 2017  vs. Dallas Mavericks        

6 Oct 28, 2017  vs. Houston Rockets        

7 Oct 30, 2017  vs. Charlotte Hornets        

8 Nov 1, 2017  vs. Orlando Magic        

9 Nov 4, 2017  @ Los Angeles Clippers        

10 Nov 5, 2017 @ Los Angeles Lakers        

11 Nov 7, 2017 @ Portland Trail Blazers        

12 Nov 11, 2017  @ Houston Rockets        

13 Nov 13, 2017  @ Milwaukee Bucks        

14 Nov 15, 2017  vs. Indiana Pacers        

15 Nov 18, 2017  vs. Houston Rockets        

16 Nov 20, 2017  vs. Portland Trail Blazers        

17 Nov 22, 2017  vs. Dallas Mavericks        

18 Nov 24, 2017  @ Denver Nuggets        

19 Nov 26, 2017  vs. Brooklyn Nets        

20 Nov 29, 2017  @ San Antonio Spurs        

21 Dec 1, 2017  vs. San Antonio Spurs        

22 Dec 2, 2017 @ Cleveland Cavaliers        

23 Dec 4, 2017  vs. Minnesota Timberwolves        

24 Dec 6, 2017  @ New York Knicks        

25 Dec 8, 2017  vs. Toronto Raptors        

26 Dec 9, 2017  vs. Oklahoma City Thunder        

27 Dec 11, 2017  vs. Miami Heat        

28 Dec 13, 2017  @ Washington Wizards        

29 Dec 15, 2017  vs. Atlanta Hawks        

30 Dec 16, 2017  vs. Boston Celtics        

31 Dec 20, 2017  @ Golden State Warriors        

32 Dec 21, 2017  @ Phoenix Suns        

33 Dec 23, 2017 vs. Los Angeles Clippers        

34 Dec 26, 2017  @ Phoenix Suns        

35 Dec 27, 2017  @ Los Angeles Lakers        

36 Dec 30, 2017  @ Golden State Warriors        

37 Dec 31, 2017  @ Sacramento Kings        

38 Jan 2, 2018  @ Los Angeles Clippers        

39 Jan 5, 2018  vs. Washington Wizards        

40 Jan 10, 2018  vs. New Orleans Pelicans        

41 Jan 12, 2018  @ Denver Nuggets        

42 Jan 15, 2018  vs. Los Angeles Lakers        

43 Jan 17, 2018  vs. New York Knicks        

44 Jan 19, 2018  vs. Sacramento Kings        

45 Jan 20, 2018  @ New Orleans Pelicans        

46 Jan 22, 2018  vs. Philadelphia 76ers        

47 Jan 24, 2018  vs. San Antonio Spurs        

48 Jan 26, 2018  vs. Los Angeles Clippers        

49 Jan 29, 2018  vs. Phoenix Suns        

50 Jan 31, 2018  @ Indiana Pacers        

51 Feb 1, 2018 @ Detroit Pistons        

52 Feb 4, 2018  @ Toronto Raptors        

53 Feb 6, 2018  @ Atlanta Hawks        

54 Feb 7, 2018  vs. Utah Jazz        

55 Feb 11, 2018  @ Oklahoma City Thunder        

56 Feb 14, 2018  vs. Oklahoma City Thunder        

57 Feb 23, 2018  vs. Cleveland Cavaliers        

58 Feb 24, 2018  @ Miami Heat        

59 Feb 26, 2018  @ Boston Celtics        

60 Feb 28, 2018  vs. Phoenix Suns        

61 Mar 2, 2018  vs. Denver Nuggets        

62 Mar 3, 2018  @ Orlando Magic        

63 Mar 5, 2018  @ San Antonio Spurs        

64 Mar 7, 2018  @ Chicago Bulls        

65 Mar 9, 2018  vs. Utah Jazz        

66 Mar 10, 2018  @ Dallas Mavericks        

67 Mar 12, 2018  vs. Milwaukee Bucks        

68 Mar 15, 2018  vs. Chicago Bulls        

69 Mar 17, 2018  vs. Denver Nuggets        

70 Mar 19, 2018  @ Brooklyn Nets        

71 Mar 21, 2018  @ Philadelphia 76ers        

72 Mar 22, 2018  @ Charlotte Hornets        

73 Mar 24, 2018  vs. Los Angeles Lakers        

74 Mar 26, 2018  @ Minnesota Timberwolves        

75 Mar 28, 2018  vs. Portland Trail Blazers        

76 Mar 30, 2018  @ Utah Jazz        

77 Apr 1, 2018  @ Portland Trail Blazers        

78 Apr 4, 2018  @ New Orleans Pelicans        

79 Apr 6, 2018  vs. Sacramento Kings        

80 Apr 8, 2018  vs. Detroit Pistons        

81 Apr 9, 2018  @ Minnesota Timberwolves        

82 Apr 11, 2018  @ Oklahoma City Thunder        


Despite all the limitations in their roster, the Grizzlies are adept at overcoming them. Even after getting virtually nothing from Parsons last season, they still finished seventh in the West. If they get even a slight upgrade from Parsons this time around, they can still contend for a playoff spot. They likely will get more from Parsons and linger in the eight-11 seed range in the conference. Ultimately, though, the West may just be too good for them to sneak into the postseason even as they end up with around 40 wins for the campaign.

Where do you see the Memphis Grizzlies ending up this 2017/18 season? Comment below!

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