2018 NBA 2K League: Regular Season Results

The first season of the NBA 2K League was nothing to scoff at. With 17 full rosters in the League, many players were trying to show their worth, and wanted to truly prove themselves through the game. However, some times shined, and some didn’t. There will always be a ranking, And there will always be the strong and dominant teams. Whether it be through talented roster picks, or through amazing management and organization coaches and analysts, these were the standings for the 2018 inaugural first season of the NBA 2K League regular season

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The top of the top definitely proved their worth. Although each team could only play 14 games, they were able to show that they can definitely put it to the others. In first were Blazer5 Gaming, with an astounding 12-2 record, only losing out to the Celtics Crossover Gaming 63-69 in week 7, and to Wizards District Gaming in week 11.

The 76ers GC were next, with 10-4 in their books. They only lost to a select few, making their way into second place.

Pistons GT were next after, with a record of 9-5. Although this may seem weak, they performed admirably as they were able to win 64% of their matches.

Tied for 4th

Next in line were the Raptors uprising GC, Cavs Legion GC, Heat Check Gaming, Wizards District Gaming, and Magic Gaming. All of these teams were tied at 8 and 6, but the head-to-head records set them in their respective order. All but the Mag Gaming crew were not able to cinch a playoffs spot.

Bottom of the pile

Celtics Crossover were the last team to have a 50% average or above win record. Below them, in respective order, were Grizz Gaming at 6-8, Bucks Gaming 6-8, Bucks Gaming 6-8, and Mavs Gaming at 6-8. After those were Pacers Gaming at 5-9, Knicks Gaming 5-9, and Jazz Gaming 5-9. At the very bottom were the Warriors Gaming Squad and Kings Guard Gaming, both at 4-10.

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Surprisingly, the Knicks Gaming were able to get a Playoffs Berth. This is mostly due to them being able to show up at the 3 tournaments that were available for the squads to also play in during the regular season.

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