2017 NBA Draft Review: Tatum, Fultz on different paths

Nearly two months into the season and we’ve seen some outstanding rookie performances and some who haven’t lived up to expectations. We look at the best and the worst.

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Best of the 2017 class

The 2017/18 NBA Rookie of the Year race seems to have already been won with the phenomenal play of Ben Simmons. After Philadelphia opted to take the cautious approach with his injury and keep Simmons sidelined for his first year, he has been every bit as good as advertised in his first real season at NBA level. But, given that Simmons was drafted in 2016, who has been the best of the 2017 draft class? 

There have been a few pleasant surprises within the 2017 draft crop, which ranks as one of the best in recent years. Here are the youngsters that have stood out for the right reasons in the early going this season.