New York Yankees: Could team chemistry win Yanks a championship?

Skill usually wins teams championships, but you can’t count out chemistry as a factor when winning it all.

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Sometimes teams that shouldn’t have won championships win them. It really is strange to wrap your head around, but when you digest and think to yourself how they could do it, chemistry is something that stands out and this New York Yankees team has plenty of it.

Yankees chemistry on and off the field

This Yankee team has been one of the best teams to watch in recent years because of the chemistry they have developed on and off the field. Right from the getgo, it looked like this team would be fun to watch and we weren’t disappointed. Teammates bonded throughout the course of April watching Aaron Judge hit moon shots that landed places baseballs had no business landing.

Fast forward to the trade deadline and the acquisition of Todd Frazier, David Robertson, Tommy Kahnle, Sonny Gray and Jaime Garcia. Sometimes players have a hard time adjusting to new teams because they are entering a new environment that has already bonded and they feel uncomfortable, not this team. Veteran CC Sabathia ordered gear from the Todd Frazier collection and the entire team wore them on a plane trip home which continued the good vibes that the Yankees have had for the majority of the season.

Looking at the last three weeks, the Yankees have rallied around the “Thumbs Down Guy” after they record hits and are shaking hands in the dugout. Now they have decided to hold mock press conferences in the dugout after a player hits a home run. This team knows how to have fun and it just makes them more likable.

Chemistry is important

Winning is contagious and allows for players to have fun. With the Yankees winning games and having fun doing it, they have gotten closer as a team. Chemistry means something. It’s why Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon had his teams dress as a theme for road trips. With Maddon doing this his teams bonded, and they were good teams and even made the World Series once in 2008.

No one is saying that chemistry alone will win the Yankees a championship. However, it doesn’t hurt that they have great chemistry because in the long journey to a championship you will have to rely on your teammates; teams with bad chemistry aren’t successful because they aren’t able to trust each other.

The Yankees have the right mix of talent, age, and chemistry that will allow them to be a major force come October, one that might just allow them to win it all.