New York Yankees: Luis Severino shouldn’t pitch final game of the season

Luis Severino has become one of the best pitchers in the American League and the Yankees need to adjust the rotation so he can start in the Wild Card Game.

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Luis Severino has emerged as the ace of the New York Yankees for this season and the future and with the Yankees slowly falling out of the race for the AL East, the club needs to scratch him from his final start of the regular season to have him ready for the upcoming Wild Card Game.

Why they shifted the rotation

Yankees skipper Joe Girardi made a small change in the rotation that allowed for Luis Severino to get three starts in the final two weeks of the regular season and the Yankees in a division battle.

The idea behind this was that if the Yankees were tied with or trailed the Boston Red Sox by a game Severino would pitch the final day of the season to help the Yankees potentially win the division. One can understand the reason that Girardi decided to go this way but the Yankees now sit five back of their rivals and their tragic number for the division sits at three.

Getting Severino ready for the Big Game

Luis Severino has settled the argument over the final month of the season that he is the man that the Yankees want on the mound in a one-game playoff and the Yankees need to make sure he is on the hill come October 3rd.

Severino has said that he is a creature of habit and prefers to pitch on normal rest so getting Severino back into a routine is a key for Girardi. The solution here is simple and that is to push his start that is scheduled for Tuesday against the Tampa Bay Rays to Thursday. Doing this will give Severino the rest and time that he has been accustomed to throughout the regular season.

Allowing Severino to have the time to prepare for the Wild Card game will also allow him to prepare for who the Yanks will be facing. It’s becoming more and more likely that they will be facing the Minnesota Twins, who knocked Severino out after three innings in his last start. Severino skipping a start will allow him to go over video and see what adjustments he has to make.

It’s time that the Yankees smell the roses and realize that the division is a pipedream now and focus on what will be the most important game of the season. If they don’t and Severino doesn’t end up on the mound in a Wild Card Game, their season could be over.



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