New York Mets: Replacements for Terry Collins in 2018

It was announced that it's unlikely that Terry Collins would be returning to the Mets in 2018.

It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since the New York Mets have had a new skipper at the helm. For seven years, Terry Collins gave Mets fans both joy and panic and despite it all, it will be a little sad to see him go.  After two postseason appearances, one National League pennant, and one World Series appearance, Collins is out and here are the possible candidates to replace him.

  1. 1 Bob Geren

    Bob Geren seemed to be the top name floating around these past few days. A former bench coach for the Mets, Geren now serves in the same role for the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, one of the reason's Geren left in the first place was to be closer to his family in California. That said, despite the Mets desire to bring him back, perhaps he would still rather stay closer to home.

  2. 2 Alex Cora

    Alex Cora played for the Mets during the painful Omar Minaya seasons. He is now a bench coach for the Houston Astros and leans heavily on analytics when making roster decisions. It would be interesting to see how having a manager like that would affect the Mets going forward, especially since Collins was never a huge fan of sabermetrics. 

  3. 3 Robin Ventura

    Robin Ventura didn't have much success as manager of the Chicago White Sox. In fact, his only good year with the team was his first in 2012 when the ChiSox finished second in the AL Central with a record of 85-77. However, the years after aren't entirely Ventura's fault as the team slid into a rebuild mode. Ventura only played three seasons for the Mets, but it was at the height of their late 90s playoff runs and Mets fans will always remember him for his postseason heroics.

  4. 4 Kevin Long

    Kevin Long is a wild card in this mix. He's the Mets' hitting coach and seems to have been one factor that has turned things around for the team offensively just as he did for the New York Yankees. However, a good hitting coach does not mean Long will be a good fit as a manager. He has had no previous experience, aside from watching Collins at work. 

  5. 5 Chip Hale

    Chip Hale spent 2015 and 2016 as the manager of the Diamondbacks. His record for the team in that time isn't great at just 148-176. Since then, he's been working as a third base coach for the Oakland Athletics.  Though it's been said he's a possible front-runner for the job, I'm not crazy about his numbers from 2016, especially when the Diamondbacks had just acquired Zack Greinke and were putting up good offensive numbers as a team. 

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