New York Mets: David Wright begins rehab stint

(Photo Credit: Keith Allison)

New York Mets third baseman David Wright finally started a rehab stint for Class A St. Lucie on Sunday. Nobody panic. Everybody stay calm. But yes, it's happening. 

It has been over two years since Wright has joined his teammates on the field for a game, his last appearance coming in late May 2016. Since then, Wright has had multiple surgeries on his neck, shoulder and back, all with the hope of one day returning to the Mets lineup.

There might not be a more dedicated man in baseball than Wright is to his team. He will do anything he has to in order to rejoin his teammates in New York. 

All the man wants to do is help his team win, and he just might get the chance to do so. 

A step in the Wright direction

While fans across the league have seemed to have forgotten all about Wright and his legacy with the Mets, the Flushing Faithful never doubted for a second that their captain would return to his helm.

Wright played five innings at third base on Sunday, followed by another five innings on Monday. He struck out twice and grounded out in three at-bats on Sunday and struck out and walked in two at-bats Monday. 

Though the Captain has not yet cashed in a hit, he slid, fielded and ran at full speed, which is a major accomplishment for the oft-injured third baseman. 

While the Captain is still a ways away, that he can perform is almost a miracle. 

Wright claimed he was "all smiles" after his rehab games, SNY reported. I can promise you this, David, you were definitely not the only one smiling. 

Wright of the future?

For a while there, it didn't seem like Wright would ever play in an MLB game again, let alone be the Mets starting third baseman. 

The Mets made it very clear that they as well had no anticipation of a return from the team captain when they signed third baseman Todd Frazier to a two-year deal in the offseason. The signing of Frazier seemed to be the last nail in Wright's coffin until his recent signs of life. 

If Wright can play for the Mets again, it looks like it would be at third base, which is way beyond anyone's expectations. 

There was some talk of Wright moving to first base if he could ever return. First is a much less-strenuous position to play, and would be kinder to Wright's oft-injured body. While the hot corner is his preferred position, he himself even said he is willing to play anywhere if it would help his team win. In true David Wright fashion, he is bound and determined to getting himself back as the starting third baseman for his team. 

No one wants David Wright back on the field more than David Wright does. If his body cooperates with him, that's exactly where he will find himself. 

Do you think David Wright will ever play in a Major League game again? Let us know in the comments! 

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