MLB: Top 10 brawls in MLB history

(Photo Credit: Keith Allison)

Fans in Colorado went to a baseball game, and a fight broke out.

No one could've expected the escalation that occurred in the bottom of the third inning. Sure, there were slight undertones following a slew of batters throughout the Rockies and Padres series. But when a mid 90's fastball blazed behind Nolan Arenado, Coors Field became a sight of a melee of free-flying fists and scrambling bodies.

What may have been more surprising, however, was that Wednesday's league-wide action was the sight of two separate brawls, and not just the regular posturing that undermines the meaning of a "benches-clearing incident." But when the Yankees and Red Sox clashed ranks of 25 men at the pitcher's mound in Fenway, fans for both teams were transported to the days of old where the passion to beat the other team lived not only in the score.

So, in the wake of two fisticuffs to keep the sporting world talking for the next few days, let's look at some of the best brawls seen in baseball history.

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