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MLB The Show 23 is full of great pitchers, and unique pitching motions. Because of that, it might be hard to find the acclaimed submarine pitchers fans love so much.

So, we decided to make things easier for you. In this article, we bring you the best submarine and sidearm pitchers, and the best pitching motions in MLB The Show 23. The motions you will find in this article can be used in almost all of MLB The Show 23 game modes.

So, let's first check out all the submarine pitchers in MLB The Show 23.

All Submarine Pitchers in MLB The Show 23

Submarine pitchers are very rare in MLB The Show 23, and maybe that's one of the reasons fans love them so much. They have a unique pitching style, releasing the ball just above the ground. This causes the ball to move differently from traditional pitches, dropping at an astonishing speed, and rotating forwards towards the pitching arm side.

The big difference between submarine and sidearm pitching motions is their release point. As mentioned above, submarine pitches have a low release point. In the case of sidearm pitching motions, the release point is higher.

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It's hard to tell who is a true submarine pitcher, and who is just using a sidearm pitching motion in today's game. In MLB The Show 23, we have three players that are true submarine pitchers.

These players are Adam Cimber from the Toronto Blue Jays, Gregory Wyatt Mill from the Boston Red Sox, and Tyler Rogers from the San Francisco Giants.

All Sidearm Pitchers with Submariner Pitching Motions

There are also some pitchers that many believe can be considered submariner Pitchers if you just loosen the definition a little bit. However, their pitching motion is closer to a sidearm one. So, we classified them as sidearm Pitchers.

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Despite that, these pitchers also throw balls that are incredibly difficult to make contact with. Pitchers such as Justin Lawrence, Nick Sandlin, and Ryan Thompson, are some of the players that fit that description.

You can select the pitching motions of all these players, and use them on your MLB The Show 23 custom player.

Generic Submarine and Sidearm Pitching Motions

As mentioned above, you can give a submarine or sidearm pitching style to your Ballplayer. Equipping the pitching style of any of the players named above is the easiest option to do so. You can find them in the Current Players motions section, and once it's equipped, you can use them on Road to the Show or in Diamond Dynasty.

You can also use some other Generic Motions, that will give your player a traditional submarine or sidearm release:

  • Generic Windup 6
  • Generic Windup 7
  • Generic Windup 65
  • Generic Windup 103
  • Generic Stretch 5
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