MLB The Show 23: Best base stealers in the game

We don't need to wait any longer to see who are MLB The Show 23 best base stealers. The ratings of these players were revealed yesterday, on a broadcast hosted by MLB Network host Robert Flores and comedian The Kid Mero.

These five players make it their life mission to steal bases. They are very exciting players to watch and are not afraid of takings risks. Every MLB The Show 23 player would love to have these players on his squad.

So, let's check out the MLB The Show 23 best base stealers.

MLB The Show 23 best base stealers

As mentioned above, these players are experts at stealing bases. They force their opponents to always be on guard and are quick to capitalize on any mistakes made.

Great speed and steal are musts in MLB The Show 23 ratings are a must here, but they need you to not be afraid of taking risks for them to flourish as great base stealers.

Tim Locastro

When it comes to stealing bases, only a few are on the level of Tim Locastro. The New York Mets outfielder holds the record for most stolen bases to begin a career without being caught, with spectacular 29-for-29 base steals.

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In 2022, Tim Locastro had a solid eight stolen bases. He had a batting average of .186, and 8 HR, so nothing spectacular in those departments.

In MLB The Show 23, Tim Locastro has an astonishing 99 speed and steal rating. Stealing bases with Tim Locastro will be a piece of cake.

Bubba Thompson

Bubba Thompson made his debut in 2022, and he is already considered by many as one of the most entertaining athletes in the MLB.

The Texas Rangers player left a big mark in his rookie year, recording a spectacular 18 stolen bases. Only a few players have mastered the art of stealing bases, and Bubba Thompson seems to have done that in just one season.

In 2022, Bubba Thompson had a batting average of .265, which is pretty good. He had only 1 HR in the entire season.

Bubba Thompson has a 99 speed, and 99 steal rating, on MLB The Show 23. He is tied with Tim Locastro for the position of best base stealer in the game.

Jorge Mateo

The Baltimore Orioles player is yet another young talent to enter this list. 2022 was a dream season for Jorge Mateo, as he recorded an outstanding 35 base steals.

Combine that with the AL stolen base leader award, and the Fielding Bible award, and you can see just how good of a season Jorge Mateo had in 2022.

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MLB The Show 23 Gameplay footage

He had a batting average of .221, which is a decent number. Jorge Mateo also registered 13 HR in 2022.

With an impressive 2022 season, where he was the second player with the most steals in MLB, a 99 speed and a 91 steal rating looks very appropriate.

Jon Berti

Jon Berti is a master of stealing bases. He proved just that by being the MLB stolen base leader of 2022, with an impressive 41 stolen bases.

The Miami Marlins player had a great 2022 season, with an okay batting average of .240, and 4 HR.

Because Jon Berti was the stolen base leader of the 2022 MLB season, a 99-steal rating was mandatory. He also has a great speed rating of 93, so be careful when playing against Jon Berti.

Terrance Gore

Terrance Gore is a World Series champion and one of the best base stealers in the MLB.

Despite only playing 10 games in 2022, the at-the-time Mets player still managed to steal 3 bases.

In 2022, he had a .143 batting average, and 0 HR, which are both below-average numbers.

Despite that, in MLB The Show 23, Terrance Gore has 94 speed and a 94 steal rating. This puts him among the elite base stealers of the game.

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