MLB The Show 21: First sign of delayed release date?

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The World Series is drawing to a dramatic close, and our first bit of news about MLB The Show 21 has surfaced.

However, it hints that the game may be a little later than usual in 2021.

MLB The Show 21 release date

The Show usually arrives in March with the start of the baseball season, but the statement from San Diego Studio sparks a little worry.

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NOTHING UNTIL 2021: That's leaving things a bit late

Obviously, game development is in flux right now as companies and developers adjust to the covid world. However, the lack of any information about the next installment of MLB The Show until 2021 is a worry.

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NEXT-GEN BALL: The Show 21 will arrive into a new world of gaming

That leaves an awfully short window to build toward release.

With Opening Day set for 1 April, 2021, you'd think the aim would be to have the game land around the same time. That sounds like it won't be happening this time.

MLB The Show on Xbox & Switch?

Developed by Sony-owned San Diego Studio, MLB The Show has always been a PlayStation exclusive title.

That may be changing for 2021.

Last year MLB extended its partnership with Sony, but made one big change to their deal.

“In addition, the historic expansion of the long-standing partnerships will bring MLB The Show, for the first time ever, to additional console platforms beyond PlayStation platforms as early as 2021,” said the message from MLB. “Complete details will be announced at a later date.”

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JUST MAYBE: Kershaw could enter The Show 21 as a champion at last

We're yet to get those complete details, but 2021 is rolling around and a new generation of consoles would be the perfect time to expand MLB's reach.

The expectation is that MLB The Show 21 will be available on Xbox, Switch, and PC. Until we hear official confirmation though, non-PlayStation gamers should try to contain their excitement.

Whether it would be the first sports title to make the cross-platform jump we don't know. We hope so, but it looks like no developer is keen to be the first to cross that bridge.

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