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13 Jun 2018

AL Ballot Review: How the fans are doing

AL Ballot Review: How the fans are doing

Are the fans voting in the right players thus far in the voting process?

(Photo Credit: Keith Allison)

Alright, fans, one league down and one more to go. So far, in the NL at least, the polls look good, with fans voting for the players worthy of starting the All-Star Game rather than picking their favorites or guys getting the most media attention. A little over three weeks remain for fans to vote before the polls close, and now is the time to help players increase or shrink any gaps in the polls.

If the voting were to end today, the NL would have an exceptionally scary lineup for the AL to have to face, minus Scooter Gennett, who’s in third place among the second baseman behind Ozzie Albies and Javier Baez. After looking at the NL, it’s time to look and see how the AL lineups would look today if the voting ended and grade how the fans are doing overall.