Is Wild Hearts an Open World Game?

Wild Hearts Open World

Wild Hearts Open World

Wild Hearts is finally here, combining the features of the RPG and hunting genres into a brand-new fantasy setting. Designed for Next-Gen hardware and PC, the new game will be a feast for your eyes and a fresh experience even for veterans of the genre.

One thing fans are desperate for from the title is a fully open world, where the game's potential can be fully realised. Here's everything you need to know about whether that's the case, and how you'll be able to explore the land of Azuma.

Is Wild Hearts Open World?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the new title will be an entirely open world, but from what we know so far there will be plenty to explore. The World will instead be separated into 4 smaller sections, and players will have free reign to travel within them.

Wild Hearts Tech
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Although Wild Hearts has been designed for next-gen, the emphasis in production has been on the hunting gameplay. To fully realise the process behind this, devs made the decision not to make the game open world, as it would diminish the style they were aiming for.

The areas of the world can be swiftly navigated using Karakuri, which is the nature-inspired tech you'll be using within the world. This will also be used in much of the hunting gameplay and beyond.

Setting and World

The setting for Wild Hearts is inspired by feudal Japan, with a gorgeous colour palette and scenery to match. You'll be looking to track down and kill the Kemono, huge nature-infused beasts who have infested the land of Azuma and brought terror to the population.

Wild Hearts Gameplay
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More will be revealed about the world of Azuma as the release date nears, but needless to say, it will look stunning on next-gen hardware. Wild Hearts releases for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S and X at the end of February 2023.

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