We Are Football will go toe-to-toe with Football Manager

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Football Manager has long been the undisputed football management series, but that could be about to change.

Winning Streak Games, THQ Nordic and Gerald Kohler the driving force behind EA's old FIFA Manager series have teamed up to provide us with We Are Football.

We Are Football Trailer

The above teaser for We Are Football went live on 24 March 2021.

We Are Football Release Date

We Are Football arrives on PC via Steam on 10 June.

Price and Pre-order

The Steam page for We Are Football is live, but there is no price available just yet.

We would imagine that this title, to be competitive, will be priced at £20 / $25 or less to get a new wave of fans onboard.

What else do we know?

The official press release reads:

"Become both the head coach and the manager at the same time: organise the daily training; choose the right tactics to beat your opponents; pick the best young players to join your team; negotiate the best advertising contracts; build a stadium that can fit your ever-growing fanbase; and, perhaps above all else, make sure you don’t ask for too much when selling replica shirts to your supporters!"

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BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME - You can see the visual improvements to your training facilities

It seems that this title is a stripped back version of Football Manager - but with the inclusion of more customisation around your stadium and training facilities - which does bring back memories of the old FIFA Manager series.

"We Are Football offers you full control of every aspect of your club but remains as simple as a hoofed long ball.

"In We Are Football you won’t spend entire evenings understanding how everything works.

"It’s possible to polish off an entire season in little more than it takes to finish a real game of professional football: just two hours."

For what we believe to be a first in football management games, you manage both men's and women's teams, plus the introduction of skill trees for each player.

Game Features

In terms of gameplay, this is what you can expect from We Are Football.

  • Easy to grasp: learn the details while you play
  • A throwback to classic traditional management games
  • Vast management options: control Finance, Sponsors, HR, Organisation, Fan Support, Club Members, Stock Market, Fan Funds and more
  • Develop your management skills like in RPGs
  • All recent developments of professional football will find their way into the game
  • Detailed team and player stats
  • Modern training and realistic training schedules

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WATCH THEM GROW - You can see how a player is developing through their skill tree
  • Individual player skill trees
  • Complete psychological profiles for your players to find the perfect harmony for your team
  • Control the development of young players years before they sign their first contract
  • Match-engine with focus on the ball and players who participate in offensive manoeuvres
  • Spectacular half-time speeches
  • Build your stadium and your club area in 3D, and visit your club’s museum
  • Use the in-built assessment test to find your perfect club


Despite no official announcement, it looks as if the German Bundesliga will be arriving in the game.

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TO BE CONFIRMED - Will the Bundesliga only feature in this special edition?

We Are Football comes with a powerful, extensive editor, that allows you to create your very own leagues or teams.

These are the editor’s features:

  • All countries of the world can be edited
  • Women’s and men’s leagues
  • You can choose to take the official or the edited data, whenever you start a game
  • Expendable name lists for different languages
  • Optional automatic generation of players and teams to fill up your leagues
  • Powerful editor for badges and jerseys
  • Integrate your own graphics

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INTEGRATED - Bundesliga players get the full treatment

So there's plenty of options in We Are Football, but without the time consumption of Football Manager, where it can take hours just to get through your pre-season.

Klopp vs Guardiola, Mourinho vs Wenger, Ferguson vs Dalglish - it looks as if we've got our next great managerial rivalry.

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